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The Other Texas Tragedy That Liberals Might Frame as a Racist Incident. There's Just One Problem.

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Two horrific incidents occurred in Texas this weekend. In Allen, Texas, Mauricio Garcia, described as a neo-Nazi, killed eight people. He was killed by a police officer responding to a separate distress call in the area. The liberal media is peddling this bizarre narrative of a nonwhite…white supremacist to milk more minutes, but it doesn’t fit the narrative, so expect this story to disappear soon. Then, there’s this SUV crash in Brownsville, where another Hispanic male plowed into a group of migrants, killing eight people.  Several other bystanders were injured. 


There are videos from both incidents. Both are way too graphic and disturbing to post here. The videos from the aftermath of the Brownsville car crash show a man with catastrophic injuries; his leg is severed below the knee. We don’t know the driver's identity other than his racial background and the initial reckless driving charge. The list of charges is bound to grow, given the level of carnage. Authorities say the driver ran a traffic light before losing control and mowing over people at a bus stop outside of a migrant center (via Associated Press): 

An SUV slammed into a crowd Sunday, killing at least seven people and injuring at least 10 who were waiting at a bus stop outside a migrant shelter in the border city of Brownsville, Texas, police said. 

Shelter director Victor Maldonado of the Bishop Enrique San Pedro Ozanam Center said he reviewed the shelter’s surveillance video on Sunday morning after receiving a call about the crash. 

“What we see in the video is that this SUV, a Range Rover, just ran the light that was about a 100 feet away and just went through the people who were sitting there in the bus stop,” Maldonado said. 

The city bus stop is across the street from the shelter and is not marked. There was no bench, and people waiting there were sitting along the curb, Maldonado said. He said most of the victims were Venezuelan men. 

He said the SUV flipped after running up on the curb and continued moving for about 200 feet (about 60 meters). Some people walking on the sidewalk about 30 feet from the main group were also hit, Maldonado said. Witnesses detained the driver as he tried to run away and held him until police arrived, he said. 


That’s the part I want to highlight here: whether this was intentional. We don’t know, but the media just went off half-cocked trying to portray the Allen Premium Outlet Mall shooting as a white supremacist event when it’s facially untrue; nonwhites cannot be Nazis. Also, the press wasn’t sure about the video allegedly showing Garcia dead from gunshot wounds by police. They added that they couldn’t verify it at the time but are beyond certain that this nonsense about his Nazi fascination is accurate. Please. 

The tragic car crash could also be the work of a simply heinous driver. If the suspect is determined to be here illegally, that’s another story the media will have to bury quickly.

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