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AP Photo/John Amis

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell must know he’s full of it because this is the most tone-deaf pivot in recent memory. Granted, it is MSNBC, so being heinously shameless when it comes to defending the Democratic Party and attacking Republicans isn’t all that entirely out of the ordinary, either. As we’ve noted, it’s a network whose sole purpose is to keep liberal blood pressures low and their moral superiority complex intact. If ‘soma’ were a news network, it would be MSNBC. The recent school shooting in Nashville has the Left panicking because a transgender committed it. Audrey Hale, who identified using male pronouns, killed six people, including three children, in a planned attack on Covenant, a private Christian school, on March 27. Police killed Hale.


The Left’s pivot has been to ignore the suspect’s background, whereas there would have been a media frenzy if the shooter had been white. And the attack on the GOP is that they’re willing to arm mass shooters to the teeth and don’t care about the body count. O’Donnell’s outburst occurred during the April 5 broadcast of his show (via Newsbusters): 


…he [O’Donnell] doubled down and outrageously claimed Republicans are dedicated to ensuring "America's mass murderers are the very best-equipped mass murderers in the world." O'Donnell is no stranger to this kind of incendiary rhetoric. In fact, he's made almost identical claims last year after the tragic Robb Elementary School shooting. Prior to that, O'Donnell sneered how "Republican politicians do not care how large the body count gets."    

After mocking South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham for being outraged at the political prosecution of Donald Trump by the George Soros-backed prosecutor Alvin Bragg, O'Donnell claimed that Graham shows emotion for Trump but not for children being killed. He then took it a step further and painted the entire Republican Party as being unmoved by children dying: "Professional Republicans absolutely do not cry for dead American children when they are murdered by AR-15s," O'Donnell falsely claimed without any evidence at all.

He then tripled down on his vile smears by outrageously claiming what Senator Lindsey Graham has "in common with every other elected Republican in Washington is the absolute determination to make sure that every mass murderer who walks into an American school will be able to legally purchase an AR-15 to bring into that school with them." 

Ending his evil rant, O'Donnell claimed once again that "elected Republicans are dedicated to making sure that America's mass murderers are the very best-equipped mass murderers in the world." 


Elon Musk slapped the ‘state-affiliated media’ marker on National Public Radio’s Twitter account, which sent the Left into a tailspin. There is nothing inaccurate about the labeling. I think MSNBC should get the same treatment because, for all the whining about fake news, O’Donnell cooked a fresh batch of it. Republicans do cry for the dead; we don’t think constitutional rights should be crushed to satisfy the authoritarian bloodlust that courses through the veins of progressives. Not every tragedy requires federal action; in some cases—it’s unconstitutional. O’Donnell’s ‘GOP wants to arm mass shooters without care of the death toll’ is facially untrue and oozes desperation from a political movement that hasn’t been able to move the needle an iota when it comes to the Second Amendment. 

Second, the Left doesn’t care about the rising death toll from the fentanyl crisis that’s born from the ongoing troubles at the border, which Democrats won’t secure because they want hordes of illegals in America to change the composition of the electorate. And they will accept dead Americans as collateral damage to accomplish that goal. A permanent political majority is worth the bodies in the minds of Democrats. That’s why they don’t care about all these illegals raping, killing, and engaging in human and drug trafficking along the border. They want the vote. So, Larry, simmer down, take a Paxil, and be mindful of chucking rocks in your glass house.


You’ve got nothing here, and because the shooter was transgender, all your friends have run away from the school shooting for obvious political reasons: reporting on it is transphobic; that’s how sick you all have become when it comes to these issues.

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