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Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File

Madonna is an icon within the LGBT community, so the announcement isn’t shocking, but is it unseemly in the aftermath of the Nashville shooting? Audrey Hale, a biological female who used male pronouns and identified as male, shot and killed six people at Covenant School, a private Christian academy, on March 27. Three of the victims were children. Hale was a transgender mass shooter who used AR-15-style firearms to commit this attack. It’s a maddening situation for liberals. They can’t lecture us about gun control because highlighting that the perpetrator was trans is an act of violence in the eyes of the Left. Remember, this is the ‘words are violence’ crowd, with the misgendering or deadnaming of these folks being considered a hate crime. 


So, the major networks have run away from this story, with follow-up pieces either sanitizing the shooting or outright refusing to name Hale. CBS News reportedly told its writing staff to avoid using the word “transgender” when referencing this shooting. There have also been tone-deaf stories focusing on the trans community being the victim of continued harassment and discrimination as if to rationalize the shooter’s motivations. No one who isn’t a lizard person cares; six people are dead. And Hale wasn’t a victim of the shooting either; some radical trans and gun control activists have tried to sell that narrative in recent days. 

Madonna announced that she is hosting a benefit concert for trans rights. So, if people feel oppressed, they can shoot up a school and get a celebrity and the rest of the left-wing cultural establishment to support it. In other words, future trans mass shooters will be rewarded for killing people, especially if those folks are Christian. It’s a point that some on social media have noted could have dire societal consequences: 


Hale shouldn’t be honored, nor should there be benefit concerts in the aftermath of a school shooting that will shower the shooter with sympathy, along with a deluge of funds for a community that seems to act blithely about some school kids getting murdered in cold blood by a trans killer. Instead of saying, this is evil, Hale is a monster, and we pray with the victims—the Left has whined about the AR-15, gun control, how trans people have it rough, and how Hale might have been pushed to violence over recent anti-LGBT legislation. All of that is immaterial. 

Hale is a psycho killer who should be spat on and denigrated like the rest of America’s mass shooters. There is no excuse for this shooting or any other that’s occurred. It’s not complicated. Instead, she’ll be the indirect beneficiary of a concert because she apparently killed the right people.


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