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Who knew a transgender mass shooter would spark two insurrections in Tennessee and Kentucky yesterday? Pro-gun control and trans rights activists gathered like the hordes of Mordor and stormed their respective state capitols. These actions were thought to have been verboten, the highest form of treason, given the nauseating coverage of the January 6 riot from the liberal press. We knew the Left would lose the moral high ground as if they ever occupied it on the issues, but for a second, on January 6, they did and lost it astonishingly fast.  


What is becoming eerie is how dedicated these left-wingers are to maintaining a narrative, even if it’s horrendous and a public relations nightmare. These protests, which some could argue are domestic terrorism given the new rules, occurred in the aftermath of the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, where a transgender killer, Audrey Hale, murdered six people, including three children; Covenant is a private Christian school. It could be a hate crime, but the media dare not delve into that possibility. We haven’t even seen the manifesto Hale left behind. Hale was a biological female who identified using male pronouns. 

The Left wants to make it about the guns—they’re dedicated to maintaining the same theatrics of the past, except that’s not the case here. Liberals only care about mass shootings if the killer is white and used ad AR-15. That’s where they can score political points. Recent mass shootings have been perpetrated by the LGBT community, so the Left, irked by the fact that they cannot conduct business as usual in the aftermath of these tragedies, has taken to seizing control of government buildings. 


Yet, the public relations nightmare and loss of moral high ground could be best exhibited by this footage of protestors in Tennessee, who are holding up seven fingers, one for each victim of the Nashville shooting. They include Hale as one of the victims: 

Hale is a murderer who deserves to burn in hell. She killed six people, but to the Left, the right kind of people died. With Covenant being a Christian school, I’m sure many liberals feel these people deserved it; their side did boo God during the 2012 Democratic National Convention. If you’re a progressive, ignore the facts, and focus on the alleged anti-trans bigotry, the supposed transphobic pieces of legislation recently passed, because that is what we should be blaming for Hale’s rampage. Hale’s not to blame at all because of…differing opinions. At its core, that’s what many are suggesting in liberal America. What an obtuse explanation for this tragedy that only snowflakes find satisfying.  


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