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John Kerry's Defense of Climate Change Activists' Private Jet Use Is Beyond Comical


John Kerry is mailing it in right now. This green warrior envoy gig is the last post he’ll hold in public life, and it shows. The man is saying the quiet part out loud about new environmental policies and an absolute lack of caring regarding perception when he drops remarks that make these folks like total hypocrites. They don’t care because they’re the political class—wealthy, entitled, and damn near untouchable. It’s been a years-long swipe at this activist class who whine, moan, and scream about carbon emissions but then utilize a fleet of private jets for traveling to elite gatherings, like Davos, to ironically discuss the end of the world via global warming. 


When asked about this, Kerry took a zero-care approach, saying these folks’ private jet use “offsets” because they’re on the right side of the issue and doing good work or something. In other words, we can take private jets because we’re not in the oil and gas industry and believe in green energy. It’s a laughable pivot that again exposes this administration's lack of serious people. 

We can do it, but you can’t’ is a grade school talking point. Never mind how the Democrats’ environmental agenda is tantamount to regional genocide, where numerous coal-mining communities have been irreparably crippled under the Obama administration. Gas stoves are next to be outlawed, and that is a policy initiative that will come in waves at the state and local levels. Democrats know they don’t have the votes for a federal ban, so the orders were given to like-minded governors, city councils, and state legislatures to carry out Order 66. 


And please, stop talking about job retraining. A working man in his 50s or 60s cannot learn a new task that coastal elitists think is easily transferable; these people cannot become code writers or aces in tech. Even the late Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO knew this was a Trojan Horse position, seeing it was a miserable failure when NAFTA was being debated. 

Of course, liberal America has a graduated scale on what is permissible regarding shamelessness and hypocrisy based on the issue and whether they’re on the right side. The more left-wing you are, the more you can be an insufferable sanctimonious clown. Ketchup man is just a byproduct of his politics and his party. It’s not a shocking revelation, but this defense of private jets is as weak as his 2004 presidential run. It’s almost as bad as the ‘they’re not supposed to do that’ when pressed about Iran using funds that were once frozen to subsidize their terrorist operations post-Iran nuclear deal.


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