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AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Philadelphia is reeling from a brutal slaying of a police officer. Temple University Police Officer Chris Fitzgerald was shot and killed over the weekend. The suspect has been identified and apprehended. According to reports, Officer Fitzgerald was patrolling alone when he gave chase to three individuals dressed in black and wearing masks. He later succumbed to gunshot wounds to his chest and face (via Fox 29):


Authorities arrested and charged Miles Pfeffer, 18, of Buckinham Township, in connection with the officer's shooting death on Sunday. Fitzgerald's handcuffs were placed on Pfeffer during the time of his arrest. 

[Staff Inspector Ernest] Ransom says surveillance video shows the foot pursuit where Fitzgerald caught up with Pfeffer and a struggle ensued off-camera. 

Officials say Pfeffer shot Fitzgerald three times, causing the officer to fall to the ground. Pfeffer then shot Fitzgerald three more times as the officer laid on the ground before attempting to take Fitzgerald's firearm. 

Moments later, Pfeffer carjacked a person nearby, threatening to kill the driver if they did not give up their vehicle, police say. 

According to Ransom, the gun used during the deadly shooting has not yet been recovered, but the investigation is ongoing. 


Outgoing Philly Mayor Jim Kenney offered words of support and condolences to the Fitzgerald family but turned the moment into a political event, declaring that you cannot “back the blue” unless you support gun control. Even in moments where everyone should be united, especially when it comes to the deaths of first responders, the Left finds a way to be divisive.


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