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Three Israelis, Two of Them Young Boys, Were Killed By Terrorist...And That's the Headline CNN Used

AP Photo/Ron Harris

If there is one thing you can count on from the establishment media when it comes to terrorist attacks against Israel, they’ll never call them that. It’s probably one of the most extensive and creative whitewashing operations concerning not calling radical Islamic terrorism what it is. Given the recent invasion of Chinese spy balloons, the most recent attack that killed three Israelis, including two young boys, probably got lost in the shuffle. In case you missed it, a terrorist drove into a crowd at a bus stop in Jerusalem last Friday (via CNN):


A car drove into several people at a bus stop in Jerusalem on Friday, killing a man and a young child in what Israeli police described as a “ramming terror attack.” A second child died of his injuries Saturday.

Yaakov Yisrael Paley, 6, and Alter Shlomo Lederman, 20, died Friday at the Ramot intersection, an area Israel considers to be a neighborhood in northern Jerusalem.

The boy’s brother, 8-year-old Asher Menachem Paley, who was “critically wounded” during the attack, died in hospital on Saturday, according to a statement by the hospital, Shaare Zedek. 

It’s a tragedy—but to make my point, the initial headline for this CNN piece was “two dead including child as car rams people at Jerusalem bus stop.” Who was driving the car, guys? This incident isn’t something out of the novel ‘Christine;’ it’s not a Stephen King tale. 

The CNN headline has since changed to reflect the terrible development that the other child, initially wounded and in critical condition, had passed away. Cars in the Middle East drive on their own and kill people; it’s a darker version of Transformers, albeit with much less elaborate transfiguring among the vehicles. 


I would say this is embarrassing, and it is, but I’ve seen too many examples of the media shielding Palestinian terrorists.

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