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Do the ladies of The View know they don’t have to do this? The Democratic Party has enough operatives to dole out shoddy, half-baked talking points to defend Joe Biden’s classified document extravaganza. The View has already done enough damage with their equally idiotic defenses of the Biden doc scandal, where the pivots could only be described as ranging from conspiratorial to outright nonsensical. Biden got distracted by the holiday season was one of the worst, while some on the show felt that—get this—the GOP framed the president, planting these classified materials at multiple locations. No one in DC has the intelligence to pull off such a job, but Joe Biden is stupid enough to abscond from the Obama administration with documents he could never possess. 


Yet, that’s the hill co-host Whoopi Goldberg decided to die on; Biden declassified all the documents he took with him…as vice president. I’m sure every lawyer cringed since that’s painfully incorrect. The vice president does not have the declassification authority afforded to the United States president. Trump can declassify whatever he wants; Biden cannot. That’s the law (via Fox News):

"The View" host Whoopi Goldberg speculated on Monday that President Biden declassified all the documents discovered in recent months when he was vice president. 

The ladies discussed President Biden’s credibility after a new batch of classified documents were discovered at his residence in Wilmington, Delaware. 

After Goldberg discussed three kinds of classified documents, she noted, "Presidents and vice-presidents can declassify these," albeit, "not with their brains," adding that Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama had loosened the restrictions on declassifying documents during their presidencies.

She added that she wished officials would specify which level of classified documents had been mishandled, so the public discern between misplaced administrative information and national security risks.

"I wish they would say all that while they’re explaining what’s going on, because if you say, you know, a ‘classified document,’ everybody goes, ‘Oh my God, How dare he keep that?’" she said. "And if these guys can declassify-presidents and vice presidents can declassify, are we chasing our tail with some of this?" 


Sadly, some people take these ladies seriously, though it’s usually the usual suspects. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), the congressman who thought Guam could tip over, repeated the claim that the GOP might have planted classified materials to place Biden in a legal bind. The point is that there is no defense of pivot with this scandal: Biden is guilty. He took classified materials that he could not own at multiple locations, including sensitive materials, inside the garage of his Wilmington, Delaware, home—some documents were also inside the residence. These were labeled ‘top secret.’ A special counsel has been appointed to review these breaches, and no—again, the vice president cannot declassify anything.

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