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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Welcome to the political bumper car show that is the Biden White House, as more classified materials were discovered inside the president’s Wilmington residence. It was already bad enough that a tranche of sensitive files was found inside the garage of this location, which could have been there for years—but this whack-a-mole game with state secrets is making the liberal media blow-up over Donald Trump last summer more ridiculous by the day. Trump’s issue, at its core, was about the process. 


As we’ve noted ad nauseum, Trump had the authority to declassify anything, and the Secret Service protected the supposed files at Mar-a-Lago—it was a secure location. Biden didn’t have the power to take these items whatsoever. So, now the question is, will there be equal outrage from the Left and accompanying media coverage? They must since Biden’s mishandling of classified materials is worse—potentially impeachable. 

What the hell happened? That’s the central question on the minds of Democrats, their strategists, and top staffers at the White House. It’s time for Biden to be a big boy and tell the truth about why he’s leaving classified documents all over the place. The latest batch was marked ‘top secret,’ but the serial breaches caused the Department of Justice to appoint a special counsel, albeit probably begrudgingly (via NBC News): 

Democratic allies are voicing frustration with White House officials’ tight-lipped approach to the classified documents found in an office and residence of President Joe Biden, calling on the administration to be more forthcoming in its handling of the issue. 

The uproar over the documents has quickly distracted from the administration's policy agenda and could also influence the timing of Biden announcing his 2024 plans. Some Democrats now suggest that he wait and let the controversy wane before launching a re-election bid. 

Until then, Biden needs to more fully explain how and why classified records dating back to his vice presidency wound up in his garage and a private office in Washington, D.C., according to Democratic strategists, lawmakers and even administration officials. 

“He’s got to say, ‘I messed up, I apologize,’” said Lanny Davis, who handled various investigations as a lawyer in the Clinton White House. 

“With the wisdom of hindsight, it’s not too late for President Biden to own up to mishandling this,” said Davis, who now works in crisis management. “Own it!”


What’s sad is that they’re not upset this dementia-ridden man left state secrets at multiple locations—they’re upset that they lost the high ground, which means Trump clinched another win. It was a long shot—the Mar-a-Lago raid was foundational in trying to indict the former president on something, and now that’s dead. The liberal media is mad because they must eat a metric ton of crow after the FBI ransacking of Trump’s home. They can’t attack, and there’s no defense this time which means they know the Republicans can and should pummel Biden for weeks. There are stories about how the process in the transition regarding sifting through classified and personal items was a shambles, a disjointed mess peppered with staffers already with high anxiety over Trump’s 2016 win. That’s not an excuse. Also, didn’t the White House say that the hunt for other classified records had concluded a couple of days ago, per Karine Grey Poupon?


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