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AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, File

Do I need to explain this story in detail? I’m sure you can guess why a bail reform group had to close its operations in California: the people they were setting free decided to continue their life of crime. The last straw was this latest person they had sprung from jail who proceeded to shoot a server eleven times. Shocker—a career criminal, gets his bail posted by these clowns and proceeds to shoot up a restaurant. Now, who couldn’t have seen that coming? The group, The Bail Project, has some solid celebrity support behind it as well, so another added layer for why this operation decided to close at the present moment (via NY Post):


A California bail reform group backed by A-list celebrities has shut down its operation in Las Vegas after being sued for releasing a serial criminal who less than a week later tried to murder a waiter there.

The Bail Project — whose supporters include Danny Glover, John Legend and Richard Branson — said it began restructuring its Sin City office in early December, 8 NewsNow reported. 

The move came after The Bail Project posted a $3,000 bond for burglary suspect Rashawn Gaston-Anderson in December 2021. 

Six days later, Gaston-Anderson shot Chengyan Wang 11 times in the Chinatown section of Las Vegas, 8 NewsNow reported. 

In a plea deal, the 24-year-old was convicted of attempted robbery and mayhem, both with deadly weapon enhancements, according to News 3 Las Vegas. 

Gaston-Anderson was sentenced in December to seven to 18 years behind bars for the shooting. 

It should be conclusive at this point that cash bail reform doesn’t work. It prevents police from locking up violent criminals, hogties judges from doling out appropriate sentences to true menaces to society, and I couldn’t care less if it’s unfair that thugs cannot afford bail after committing heinous acts of violence. That’s a good thing. Jail is where they belong, but liberals, again, would rather mourn and empathize with a psychopathic murderer, unhinged lunatic, or violent dreg of society than the people they victimize along with their families.


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