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Manuel Balce Ceneta

There were a few glorious hours of sanity on Twitter as one of its most visible agitators was suspended on the platform over the weekend. It was supposed to be a week-long stint in the gulag, but Elon Musk changed course and restored her access hours later. I’m talking about The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz getting suspended, part of a slew of blue-check liberal journos who are finally getting a taste of what we have endured for years regarding arbitrary suspensions. The real reason is that Elon accused them of retweeting his posts that featured his location in what he called “assassination coordinates.” He’s been keener on privacy protection at this time, but for a good cause—crazy people were looking for him.


The suspensions did elicit the victimhood antics that are classic characteristics of liberals. The rest of us just shrugged as we’ve suffered through these administrative hamstringing since the platform began tilting the balance towards the Left. There was a time when conservatives dominated Twitter. Netroots Nation, a progressive media conference, even had panel discussions about how to get liberals more active on the platform. But back to The Washington Post, Lorenz got suspended, but she ate it up, going on TikTokand claiming that Elon was probably watching this on his burner. That’s unspooled (via Fox News): 

Taylor Lorenz, a reporter for the Washington Post, has been suspended from Twitter, she announced late Saturday night. 

Lorenz claimed in a Substack post that Twitter CEO Elon Musk was directly involved in the suspension. She also attested that she did not and has not violated Twitter’s terms of service. 

"Earlier tonight, Elon Musk suspended my Twitter account," Lorenz wrote.


Lorenz said she and her colleague Drew Harwell, who was also banned by Musk earlier in the week, were "working on a story involving Musk and were hoping to get [a] comment from him," she wrote. 

"When I went to log in and see if he had responded to our query, I was suspended," Lorenz said in the Substack post. "I received zero communication from the company on why I was suspended or what terms I violated." 

"I have been on Twitter since 2010 and have run Twitter account for major media brands including Verizon, Wordpress, The Daily Mail, People magazine, The Hill, and dozens more," she added. "Never once in my 13-year career in social media have I received a single terms of service or community guidelines violation, for my personal account or any account that I’ve run." 


Musk controversially banned several journalists from the Washington Post, CNN, New York Times and other publications earlier this week as he claimed they shared links to his personal real-time location — information the Twitter CEO referred to as "assassination coordinates." 

Musk was widely criticized over the bans but initially defended his decision. He said the journalist would remain suspended from the platform for seven days.

Hours later, Musk changed his approach.


Her suspension was lifted, but not after everyone and their mother who have followed Ms. Lorenz, not least after she doxxed a prominent Twitter account, Libs of Tik Tok, which routinely shreds liberal narratives and exposes the rot at the core of their agenda, to the masses. Why did Lorenz doxx this person and harass members of Libs of Tik Tok’s family? Well, as we noted, the account was just too good at telling the truth, especially about what’s happening in our schools. 


In a sane world, a liberal reporter got suspended, and now she’s back. In liberal whacko land, Lorenz was murdered, and Musk is a Nazi.

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