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Chris Pizzello

Either Kanye West is legitimately mentally ill and needs immediate assistance, or we’re watching performance art like no other. Because after his appearance on Alex Jones’ program, one becomes utterly speechless. On the one hand, it’s a marriage made in heaven between these two. Jones is a noted conspiracy theorist whose InfoWars empire has taken a significant financial hit after the parents of the Sandy Hook shooting sued him for defamation. Jones lost and must fork over a billion dollars in damages and legal fees; Jones was incessant in his claims that the mass shooting that left 20 school kids dead was a false flag operation to enact more gun control.


And then, there’s Mr. West, who has an affinity for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, adding that they had tremendous architectural insights and a fantastic sense of style. West also said he loves Jewish people and Nazis. He also said that we must stop demonizing the Nazi Party, which wasn’t responsible for the murder of 6 million Jews. And Barack Obama was a Jewish president. It’s an endless stream of mental derangement: 

This whole segment is bonkers, but it’s in keeping with the ethos and atmosphere of Jones’ show. West’s unhinged remarks keep his dinner with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago in the news, which has now gone international as former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who could return to power based on his country’s 2022 election results, even said that this confab was an error. Is it inside the ballpark stuff? Sure, and I don’t think it will keep Trump out of the running for the 2024 nomination, given the slew of domestic crises impacting America’s working families. Still, anyone running for president has every detail reported about them. And Kanye West is one of the most famous artists around. West wore a mask with no eye slits, which added another layer of strangeness. Right now, all I’m interested in is what the hell did these two—Trump and Kanye—talk about when they had dinner if this is how the latter’s media hit went with Mr. Jones.


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