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It’s a take that’s not unusual for this MSNBC guest. Joy Reid would be the perfect pitch person for this conspiracy theory that is not too far removed from the tin foil hat material articulated on Alex Jones’ InfoWars channel. Look, I get a chuckle from the ‘drugs that are turning frogs, or shrimp, gay’ rants, but it’s nonsense. It’s an act—but MSNBC spews such drivel with learned diction. Have we not forgotten ex-host Rachel Maddow declaring without evidence that Trump’s executive order on immigration was responsible for a Green Beret ambush in Chad in 2017?


 In 2022, MSNBC’s Reid posits that the polls showing GOP momentum are fake for the most obvious reason: they all show Democrats losing. Newsbusters’ Kevin Tober clipped the insanity, where Reid’s only gripe is that there can’t be any momentum because it’s GOP polls that are flooding the zone. In some of the most crucial races this year, like in Arizona and Nevada, even liberal polls, like ones from Data for Progress, have the Republicans winning. Also, RealClearPolitics isn’t a hub for MAGA content (via Newsbusters):

On Monday night, MSNBC’s Joy Reid went full-blown conspiracy kook during her show The ReidOut. She was apparently wearing her tin foil hat so tight that it was cutting off her circulation because she claimed with a straight face that over half of the midterm election polls published over the last few weeks are Republican polls that are skewed to create a media narrative that a red wave is coming.

Discussing recent media coverage of polls that are trending in the GOP’s direction, Reid snarked that “if you believe the recent headlines, you would think that MAGA fascism is ascendant.” 

According to Reid, it’s all an illusion because “if you get past those headlines and dig a little deeper, you uncover an insidious and seemingly intentional campaign by Republican-backed polling firms to flood the zone and tip the balance of polling averages in favor of their candidates.” 

Despite claiming that you can’t trust partisan pollsters because they spin for their side, Reid quoted from Democrat pollster Simon Rosenberg who she described as “sounding the alarm, and saying “of the roughly 40 polls taken in key battleground states” over half are “from Republican firms or groups.”


Polls showing the GOP winning in a political climate that favors them is “insidious.” Reid is upset that her side is about to get filleted, sauteed, and char-broiled in less than a week. And yes, we expect liberal outlets to question the legitimacy of elections once it shows a total Democrat rout.

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