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Another Poll Points to Democratic Party Annihilation on Election Night

When working Americans see their take-home pay get eviscerated by inflation, the last thing they want to hear about is abortion rights. The same goes for those struggling to pay their grocery, electric, or gas bills—the economic recession is hammering American families while Democrats are bogged down in liberal trivialities. And besides abortion, the two other issues Democrats are most worried about this cycle are global warming and the Jan. 6 riot.


It must be nice to soak up the inflation spike and wallow all day about things that don’t matter. The Democratic base is not geared toward finding common ground on the issues nor caring about those less fortunate than the wealthy, educated, white elites that dominate the rank-and-file. There are no working people in the liberal base anymore, and the whitewash that’s occurred is costing them, as more and more nonwhite voters are beginning to lean Republican, especially on issues like the economy and crime.

The latest polls indicate a red tsunami, a rapid turn of events given that some GOP operatives were about to jump off the Capitol Dome by late August. The Democratic advantage with women has been erased, compounding this game of election Tetris, where Democrats search for voter blocs to blunt a wipeout—they can’t. Currently, 40 percent of Hispanics and 21 percent of black Americans intend to pull levers for the GOP on Election Day (via Axios): 


A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll of likely voters found Republicans hold a four-point lead on the congressional generic ballot (49%-45%), marking a turnaround from the July polling, when Democrats led by four points.

Most of the 16% of voters who were undecided ended up breaking toward supporting Republican candidates, according to the poll. Only 6% remain undecided.

Why it matters: Perhaps even more concerning for Democrats than the overall numbers was the party's slippage with nonwhite voters. The poll found 40% of Hispanic voters supporting Republicans, with 21% of African American voters backing the GOP. 

In 2020, Trump won 37% of the Hispanic vote and 10% of the Black vote, according to analysis from the Democratic data firm Catalist.

If these numbers hold, it could be a brutal night for Democrats, who have only themselves to blame. They wasted valuable time pushing an agenda that only caters to less than a quarter of the electorate. The urban-based elites can’t save congressional majorities, and it’s even more disturbing that the party writ large decided to write off the concerns about inflation and the economic recession. Even worse, the Biden White House chose to ignore quarterly financial reports entirely, gaslighting the national media regarding the definition of a recession as well. It’s always been two consecutive quarters of economic contraction—it doesn’t change just because you’re Democrats or abject failures regarding governing.


There is no indication that Biden can do the job now. Do you think he can turn things around in 2024, win back the groups he claimed four years ago, and get the economy back on track with an inflationary spending agenda? No way. Expect Democratic infighting about him running again in 2024 once the GOP retakes Congress. For now, polling shows liberals are bleeding out of their eyes with every significant voting bloc they once coveted before white progressives decided to be complete morons on election messaging. 


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