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Kari Lake Is Just Abusing the Media Right Now

If the media wants to stop waking up scraped up in Arizona, they can stop asking Republican candidate Kari Lake these stupid questions about being an “election denier.” Multiple articles have been written about Lake’s meteoric rise as a former journalist-turned-politician. If you come after her, you better wear a helmet and pads because you’ll be at the receiving end of a relentless onslaught. She’s been on television for over 20 years—she knows how to respond and use the camera to her advantage. One narrative the media is trying to cultivate is that she’s a female version of Donald Trump, who also knows how to dish it out against liberal media figures and work the room. 


No doubt, understanding the reports of Trump’s jealousy when someone gets better press than he does, the media is trying to degrade her stock with the former president. Thus far, that has not happened, though Arizona Democrats are petrified of a Lake win, which will have a ripple effect regarding the 2024 elections. Lake could also use the office to mount a run for another office, maybe US Senate and perhaps, dare I say, the presidency. Yet, one election at a time—and for now, Lake is doing well serving the media piping hot cups of shut the hell up with their shoddy attempts to rattle her at press conferences.

At one such presser, the media again tried to trip Lake up on the “election denier” smear, but the Arizona Republican was ready with receipts from Democrats who had questioned the legitimacy of past elections, including Joe Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Since 2000, we’ve had a slew of Democrats question election results, which is a protected First Amendment right. To the best of my knowledge, we’re still a country since the majority of Americans aren’t fragile soy boys like most liberals who go apoplectic if you call them by the wrong pronoun. Lake even printed out the articles where Democrats engaged in questioning our elections, which the Left now considers insurrectionist activity.


Lake pointedly said that asking questions is free speech and that Republicans want to create a system where no such suspicions could ever be raised.  

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