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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Are they willfully ignorant, or do they just not care? Maybe it’s a toxic combination of both, but whatever the case—the Democrats have decided to go full-send on abortion even when polls suggest that it’s an issue that’s no election winner. Especially when inflation, the economic recession, and the breakdown of law and order have overtaken all surveys on top voter concerns. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion. Democrats can’t address these issues because being pro-public safety means you’re racist in their circles. Inflation is not a fundamental economic issue, and Democrats have decided to disregard the definition of a recession to avoid acknowledging that we’re knee-deep in one. So, they go to the one issue that gets the woke, college-educated women agitated: abortion. But even that’s peaked.


Still, the Left will dump millions into ads about how baby-killing is fundamental to maintaining American values when a record number are living paycheck-to-paycheck and accumulating mountains of credit card debt. No one has the time to care about infanticide except woke, wealthy, and overwhelmingly white college-educated folks who infest the cities, which are already Democrat-run (via Daily Caller):

Democratic super PACs and campaigns have dropped almost $18 million on abortion-related ads, tripling what they spent on the issue throughout the entire 2018 general election, according to Politico.

Democrats view abortion as a winning issue for their party and are bombarding voters with TV ads on the issue, according to Politico. However, the majority of voters favor abortion restrictions that are opposed by most Democrats, and abortion is consistently ranked as a low-priority issue by most voters, according to numerous polls.


Abortion is the most important issue for only 5% of voters, according to a July poll from Monmouth University, while 63% said inflation-related issues were their top priority. Only 8% of respondents said abortion was the most important issue to them in a separate Cygal poll in July.

Voters who support abortion are less likely to vote in the November elections than those who think abortion should be illegal, another poll found.


It's a continuation of the political blindness liberals still exhibit over the pro-life referendum defeated in Kansas over the summer. The voter initiative would have added an anti-abortion amendment to the state constitution. This was after the Dobbs decision overturned Roe v. Wade, which sent the Left into full froth, with hyperbolic screeds about women dying if abortion access were limited. Two things about that—women aren’t dying en masse over some state limits on abortion. Second, most American support abortion restrictions. As we’ve noted before, while Democrats celebrated their win following the Kansas referendum, they forgot to read the state’s abortion laws, which ban federal or public funding. It also has parental consent laws and bans abortion outright after 22 weeks. These restrictions are anathema to liberal America; even a 20-week ban is considered a gateway to hell, even though 60 percent of women support such a measure.

The abortion debate has reset. The Left has its position, and it’s an insane one. We shouldn’t be afraid to sell ours, which isn’t unpopular, contrary to what the liberal media says. The other side thinks killing babies is like sipping from the Holy Grail, guaranteeing immorality in politics. Let them make that mistake while pointing out that maybe abortion up until the moment of birth is just murder, which most of the electorate agrees—late-term abortion is heinously unpopular. Also, redirect and ask progressives why this is a must-debate now issue when the economy is in utter disrepair, thanks to Biden.


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