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Embarrassing: Did You Catch Karine Jean-Pierre's Latest Reason for Biden's COVID Remarks?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Biden White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has the luxury of job security which explains some of her mind-numbingly stupid pivots that only end up making the administration look more incompetent. She clams up when she should offer a comment, like a statement that doesn’t make it seem that the Biden White House orchestrated the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago. That shouldn’t be too hard, but Karine Grey Poupon fails miserably at her job. When she tries to sell the talking point about how her boss presides over the most remarkable economic comeback, reality has a funny way of mugging her in real time. The economy is not excellent when it’s in recession, plagued by high inflation, and clipped by hideous consumer price index reports. Good economies don’t cause the stock market to crash to the tune of $1.5 trillion lost. 


Joe Biden’s 60 Minutes interview over the weekend was a level-10 disaster, from prevaricating on questions about whether he’ll run again in 2024 to declaring the COVID pandemic over—it was an event that probably kept the Biden press team up all night drafting clarifications.

Biden declaring the pandemic over has led to the most outrage from the president’s side, especially from the lockdown mafia, who have yet to learn that COVID is over. It’s endemic—learn to live with it. The latest reason for Biden’s usually clear and concise declaration about the end of the pandemic: he was looking around at cars. 

We’re hearing that Joe gets easily distracted to the point where executive function ceases. If cars can distract Mr. Biden, what else can when huge decisions come across his desk? The man was alone with CBS News’ Scott Pelley for this interview—and he got preoccupied with motor vehicles to declare the end of COVID. Words have meaning; isn’t that what liberals said ad nauseum during the Trump years? These remarks have market implications, along with political ones, since we’re entering the final weeks of the 2022 midterms. Who is in charge of the White House? It’s not Joe if this much damage control has to be done over a friendly interview with CBS. 


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