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AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

When Democrats can’t stand the heat, the hyperbole comes bursting like a geyser, like how our democracy is threatened if they lose the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. Their 2022 playbook has been saturated with fear about how a Republican Congress will erase voting rights, destroy our institutions, and lead America into an era of fascism. Democrats trotted that narrative out for months until they passed this hyper-inflationary spending bill which they could campaign on as a win. Is it too little, too late? Biden’s approval ticked up but has barely broken 40 percent.


There’s also the student loan bailout which is a slap to the face of working Americans who will help foot the bill for whiny woke progressives with worthless degrees. Biden and his policies are still toxic, which is why most Democrats run for the hills when he leaves the White House. Yet, the polling done to support the Left’s ‘end of democracy’ narrative is so transparent it borders on embarrassing. Liberal writer Michael Tracey torched the latest NBC News poll, which warned that “threats to democracy” were now a top voter issue.


Spoiler alert: it’s not. We’re in an economic recession. There’s also high inflation, a supply chain crisis, a southern border devolving into the wild west, a resurgent terror threat in Afghanistan, an increasingly aggressive China, and a Ukrainian aid mission rapidly pulling us into an endless proxy war with Russia. The economy remains a top issue for most voters, and no—abortion isn’t a top concern either. Only liberals remained concerned about infanticide in areas already dominated by Democrats. Only a bubble mentality can think “threats to democracy” are a) even real and b) born out of the opposing party winning an election.

Tracey observed that splitting issues like “cost of living" and "jobs and the economy" into separate sub-categories could make a Martian invasion seem more pressing to the electorate.


“Elite media is desperate to elevate their own fevered idea of ‘threats to democracy’ as the top issue for voters, and will manipulate polling to falsely convey that impression,” Tracey posted on Twitter: “Even though it could just as easily be Trump supporters fixated on 'election fraud' picking this option.”

He also called out NBC’s Chuck Todd for pushing this poll in his broadcast, calling it “laughably brazen manipulation.”

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