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AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

These aren’t the most exciting races when it comes to politics. Yet, when it comes to local issues, these are the top contests regarding offices that will immediately impact your families. It’s not county commissioner or executive races, though those public servants also impose policies that have direct effects. These are school board elections, and the Left has exploited the low-intensity nature of these races to infiltrate the upper crust of the education system and install the out-of-control left-wing indoctrination we see across the country. These very local races have become a nationalized item as we hear more about ‘woke’ ideology running amok, covert distribution of puberty blockers for supposed trans students, and the reticence of school administrations to inform parents of their child’s gender identity. 


That’s not accurate. It’s not an unwillingness on behalf of the school’s front office to disclose this information to their parents; it’s a full-blown suppression campaign. These whacky lefty teachers don’t want their parents to know what’s happening at their children’s schools for obvious reasons. There’s no educational instruction occurring on these campuses. We’re seeing propaganda being spewed and absorbed by these kids, some of whom are coming out as transgender at the age of four. The COVID lockdowns, which will also give birth to a biblical mental health crisis among young adults in due time, exposed parents to the insanity that has engulfed America’s classrooms. As any concerned parent would, they pushed back on these insane social engineering operations and programs, like critical race theory, which is arguably academic fraud. 

Parents, even liberal ones, are not endorsing the ‘woke’ ideology the far left is trying to cultivate in our education system. The ‘get them while their young’ scheme got exposed, and now an army of parents is lining up to retake school board seats from the clutches of the unhinged, bizarre, and overall gross far left. While working on his re-election bid in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis tested his brand by endorsing a string of school board candidates. It was a test to see if his political capital was transferable. The check didn’t bounce as 25 of the 30 candidates he endorsed won their races last night (via Fox News):


Conservatives across the state of Florida celebrated on Tuesday night after control of the Sarasota County School Board shifted from liberal to conservative.

Bridget Ziegler, Robyn Marinelli, and Timothy Enos were all endorsed by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and were all victorious Tuesday night in their elections for the Sarasota School board.

Various conservatives in the state touted the victories and suggested they represented a shift against Critical Race Theory and other "woke" policies that DeSantis and Republicans in Florida have railed against.


DeSantis also had a big night in Miami Dade County where conservative school board candidates also took control.

No doubt this will bolster Ron DeSantis’ confidence and brand for his eventual presidential run, whenever that happens. He seemed poised to take on Donald Trump in 2024, but the Biden Justice Department delivered an in-kind endorsement for Trump that’s priceless when federal agents sacked the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home on August 8. DeSantis is the outsider candidate this round for sure. Still, the campaign narrative around Trump, with him now an enemy of the state to the Left and viewed as the devil incarnate to progressives, is just unbeatable with an animated Republican base. 


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