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'Baby Brownshirt': A Lib Got Triggered Over the Hat Worn by an American Airlines Worker

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

It’s not a new story, but it’s always entertaining to see how simple articles of clothing can trigger the Left. If this is an incident relating to air travel, you know it’s because someone wore anti-Joe Biden merchandise. You all know the chant too.


Let’s go Brandon” is a highly sanitized version of saying “f**k Joe Biden.” This was not an invention of conservative media invention regrettably. All credit goes to the liberal media for sewing together this Frankenstein creature that’s become a tour de force with tens of millions of people, albeit totally by mistake.

I guess we can call NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast the godmother of this chant.  In 2021, she interviewed then-Talladega winner Brandon Brown, wherein the rowdy NASCAR crowd began screaming “f**k Joe Biden,” which was audible for those watching at home.  On the fly, Stavast tried to whitewash the chants but failed miserably. 

"As you can hear the chants from the crowd, 'Let's go Brandon,'" she said. Nice try, Kelli, but no. That’s not what they were saying.  

Tons of merchandise got created over this incident which has driven liberal America nuts because it’s something they cannot censor. It’s good ole’ fashioned fun for the whole family. So, of course, when airlines still required masks for travel, some people wore them with this chant emblazoned. It caused multiple people to be escorted off flights. In one hilarious incident, a man was asked to wear another mask to cover up his anti-Biden gear. However, he was not asked to remove his hoodie with the same “Let’s go Brandon” slogan. 


And to this day, it’s still triggering the Left, as one lefty on social media complained about an American Airlines employee wearing the “let’s go Brandon” hat and voicing his displeasure. And like most who get hammered for stupid posts, he protected his tweets.

Before going under the radar, Mr. Christian Damiana wrote, "Very disappointed to see an @AmericanAir crew employee wearing a let’s go Brandon hat (that says fuck Joe Biden on the side, no less) at work. Does this match your values?"

I love when these people ask if this attire represents American Airlines’ culture. This is America and respecting First Amendment rights is part of the deal, man. It’s as if these liberals are appalled that corporate America isn’t always on their side, or worse, they don’t have all their employees under the authoritarian yoke of the woke agenda. Ten-to-fifteen years ago, the Left getting so cozy with corporations would have been considered anathema to progressives. Now, it’s just a day that ends in “y” concerning promoting cancel culture. 


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