Not Even Newsweek Could Cover for NBC Reporter's Abysmal Spin on the 'F**k Joe Biden' Chant at NASCAR

Posted: Oct 04, 2021 11:00 AM
Not Even Newsweek Could Cover for NBC Reporter's Abysmal Spin on the 'F**k Joe Biden' Chant at NASCAR

Source: AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Weekends are great for many reasons. I don’t need to elaborate much on that. With sports, it’s college football on Saturdays and the NFL on Sundays. It’s great. Football is back and it’s been accompanied by multiple stadiums chanting “f**k Joe Biden.” It’s awesome. It’s one of the highlights of the week. So, should we be shocked that this chant erupted at NASCAR? 

Racer Brandon Brown took home the win at Talladega over the weekend. While interviewed by an NBC reporter, the “f**k Joe Biden” chant is clearly heard in the background. It’s not even close. Yet, the outlet attempted to gaslight us, with the reporter trying to pitch that the crowd was really saying, “let’s go Brandon.” Put the crack pipe down (via Newsweek):

NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast responded to an awkward situation when she interviewed winning NASCAR driver Brandon Brown against a backdrop of race fans chanting "F**** Joe Biden."

The incident was filmed on NBC Sports after Brandon Brown secured the win at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama on Saturday.


Stavast noted the chants coming from the crowd when the camera shifted to the bleachers after Brown thanked his sponsors.

"As you can hear the chants from the crowd, 'Let's go Brandon,'" said the quick-thinking reporter.

The crowd was, however, chanting: "F*** Joe Biden."

Not even Newsweek could defend this atrocious spin. Stavast knew the truth as well. She just decided to ignore it. Was this a way to make it less awkward? I don’t know. If it was, then it was terrible. You cannot help what happens on live TV. Whether the intentions were good is irrelevant. This is an intentional lie—one of many that’s caused voters to view the media with distrust and for good reason. It’s right before our eyes on this one—and still, they try to protect Biden and say we didn’t hear what we all heard. Then again, liberal media types stepping on a rake is always good entertainment. 

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