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Did Mike Pence Just Defend the FBI?

AP Photo/Morry Gash

Is it the GOP establishment’s intention to take themselves out of the 2024 running before it even begins? Not saying that whoever decides to run against Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis have a prayer of clinching the Republican nomination, but at least make throwing the game look less noticeable. Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who fell victim to what only could be described as a political genocide in her state last night, said she could run in 2024. She is obsessed with preventing Donald Trump from being elected president again. Maybe that’s why she lost her primary by nearly 40 points; she forgot her job description. As Sarah noted, to pile onto these instances of political seppuku, former Vice President Mike Pence is sticking his neck out to defend the FBI after they ransacked Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.


No, I’m not making calls that we attack Mike here. For the most part, Pence did well as Trump’s vice president—he offered the conservative Republican balance on the ticket. He shored up that flank on the party come Election Day. Pence is not the most exciting or charismatic politician, but he’s a rock-ribbed Republican. He was also a Tea Party supporter, a movement that previewed the incoming neo-populist wave that reached a fever pitch by 2016. And yet, the man can’t see the difference between defunding the FBI and defunding the police for all his anti-establishment credentials? 

You must wonder if he paid attention to the pervasive campaign of legal harassment inflicted upon the Trump administration by the FBI throughout his tenure as vice president. Mr. Pence, the FBI fabricated evidence to secure spy warrants on Trump campaign officials, knew the collusion narrative wasn’t authentic from the beginning, and spied on the Trump 2016 campaign via Crossfire Hurricane. In 2022, they raided Trump’s home over suspicions that not all classified materials were retrieved. This is another lie since documents protected by attorney-client and executive privilege were seized, along with the former president’s passports. The affidavit that provided probable cause remains under seal because the Biden Justice Department said it could damage the investigation’s integrity. Everyone following the FBI’s campaign of overreach and malfeasance reads that with suspicion. Mike Pence takes it at face value, which is a problem.


The main difference between the defund the police and defunding the FBI war cries is that one is justified and the other is not. The Left wants to defund the police over preposterous allegations of a covert genocide against people of color who encounter law enforcement officers and overblown analyses about systemic racism. The defund the police war cry is based on imagined instances of police overreach, which everyone, white and nonwhite alike, recognizes because voter initiatives to gut police departments have gone down in flames. This experiment to fire all the police officers and not enforce law and order has backfired; no one wants it. To the Left’s shock, Americans want safety in their neighborhoods, and no one is pro-crime. Minneapolis, the epicenter for the officer-involved death of George Floyd that set off the 2020 summer riots nationwide, rejected a ballot measure to defund the city’s police department. 

With the FBI, the federal agency has acted upon evidence that wasn’t verifiable or untrue to execute a political circus against a political opponent of the opposing party. The Justice Department’s FISA abuses are not imagined; they happened. The former president declassifies documents relating to Crossfire Hurricane, which paint the Obama administration, where Joe Biden served as vice president, in an unflattering light, which leads to federal agents coming into Trump’s home. They also confiscate items that couldn’t have possibly been listed in the search warrant or the affidavit—but the feds can and do overstep the line constantly. 


Every reason behind the Mar-a-Lago plundering makes the bureau look even worse, with allegations that Trump had classified nuclear secrets in the home. False on its face, but let’s entertain this fable for a second. The FBI knew that Trump had such records at Mar-a-Lago but waited over a year-and-a-half to seize them. They just waited until election season was heating up, right? If true, defund the FBI because everyone should be fired for gross incompetence. 

The FBI has become a soap opera of never-ending corruption, deception, and ineptitude. They’ve missed Lord knows how many mass shooters in recent months, didn’t take Larry Nasser’s heinous campaign of sexual abuse against American gymnasts seriously and have become blinded to what constitutes domestic terrorism. Parents at school boards protesting the ‘woke’ overhauls in their children’s curriculum are akin to anti-government militia groups. Symbols of the American Revolution are the new Branch Davidian red flags. Those people are potential domestic threats, but not the self-avowed leftist who had a hit list of Republicans that opened fire on the GOP congressional baseball team in 2017.

Bad cops have been exposed, charged, indicted, convicted, and sent to prison. No one from the FBI will be going to jail for their crimes. If you can’t send corrupt DOJ officials to jail, you might as well torpedo their place of employment, financially speaking. 

We support good police work and the cops who enforce the law, Mr. Pence. The FBI is not doing that right now. They’re making doing the bidding of the political class its number one priority right now, which is preventing Donald Trump from running in 2024 no matter what. It’s a federal agency gone rogue that you seem to think is stacked with law-abiding, dutiful patriots. What a gross misreading, sir. 


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