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AP Photo/Kevin Lamarque

Did Donald Trump have classified documents at Mar-a-Lago? We don't know since the affidavit supporting that allegation remains under seal. Federal prosecutors moved to block its release yesterday because it could degrade the investigation's integrity. In other words, they don't have any smoking guns linking Trump to the January 6 riot, a theory tossed around as the actual objective of the FBI's August 8 raid on the home of the former president. The classified material found isn't damning, along with records already declassified by the Trump White House. Trump declassified all documents relating to Crossfire Hurricane in the waning days of his presidency. 


As we've noted, if this was a classified records search, what's with the seizure of his passports? With the handling of classified material being debated following the arguably unlawful ransacking of Mar-a-Lago, why didn't FBI agents swarm Hilary Clinton for her actual mishandling of classified records? 

I was resigned that nothing would ever happen to Clinton when the FBI refused to press charges following its investigation into her unauthorized email server from which she conducted official State Department business. Yet, in the aftermath of this raid and liberals idiotically bringing up her emails, let's go down memory lane again. 

She carelessly handled sensitive materials for four years while serving as Obama's secretary of state. She said State approved the homebrew server. It wasn't, with the State Department inspector general adding that if she had brought it up with officials at the agency, it would have been rejected for obvious reasons. It wasn't secured, and she transmitted classified information through that system, ordered aides to alter classification markings, and all of this was done to avoid records requirements and standards established by the National Archives. 

She deleted over 30,000 emails that were under federal subpoena. The intentional evasion of records standards with her email system, the wanton disregard for regulations, and the destruction of State Department Blackberries, done by hammers no less, warrants a search given the bar set by the Justice Department with its raid on Trump. I don't mean that right now, but retroactively applied, you bet the feds should have knocked down the doors of Clinton's home. 


Trump, on the other hand, and I know I'm beating a dead horse here, is different for a simple reason: he served as the president of the United States. Mike Davis has gone to extensive lengths on social media to remind the public that this raid was only the makings of a political hit job but is still an entirely different situation from Hillary's email fiasco. Mr. Davis is a former law clerk to Justice Neil Gorsuch, who said that classification guidelines and statutes do not apply to the office of the presidency. The president is the literal decider on what's classified or not, which is why Trump, or any president, can never be charged with mishandling classified materials. He added that the government goes haywire regarding classifying records, making everything seem like a coveted state secret, which explains why cocktail napkins were an item of interest. 


The regulations and circumstances differ between Trump and Hillary concerning how both handled classified materials. One was weaponized into what appears to be another witch hunt against a former Republican president whom the political class doesn't want to run again. The other got away scot-free despite numerous egregious violations regarding record-keeping standards and handling classified information. One had federal agents rummage through his home, go through his wife's closet allegedly, and seize items and documents that weren't classified. After all that, we can't even see what they took to back up the allegations that Trump violated the Espionage Act and obstructed justice. 

I'm not going to get the "lock her up" chant going, but since the left is screaming "lock him up" regarding Trump and this raid—it's just a gentle reminder that, as of now, Hillary broke the law concerning classified information. Trump did not. 

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