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Fox News Reporter Slaps Down Biden Press Secretary on Gas Prices

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Karine Jean-Pierre serving as Biden's White House press secretary is torture to watch. The woman is not qualified to hold this position, and this is devoid of political bias. She’s abjectly terrible at being the mouthpiece for this administration, which already has a man who is half braindead at the helm. It’s not like this was some sudden development. Every time KJP was used as a substitute for her predecessor, Jen Psaki, it was a dumpster fire, but somehow no one felt compelled to look for other candidates. 


KJP was the historical moment for this presidency, as she’s the first black lesbian to hold the position. It also makes her impossible to dismiss or phase out. The Biden White House is stuck with this trainwreck, so let’s go down what she faceplanted today.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy blitzed her on multiple fronts, specifically on gas prices, where KJP tried to sell the pivot that they’re coming down as a win for the administration. They’re coming down because we’re in a recession. Second, as Doocy noted, they’re still $1.72 higher than when Joe took office.

What about plans to honor the 13 Americans who died while we hastily left Afghanistan:

So, as some noted, this is a two-minute prepared word salad that shows this White House won’t honor the American servicemembers who were killed, right?


We also left hundreds of American citizens behind because Joe didn’t want to anger the Taliban. 

Doocy also pointed out why China should be deterred on the Taiwan issue when Joe virtually did nothing to prevent Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

KJP said that Russia’s economy is a wreck over this invasion due to the sanctions and that China has no reason to escalate in the way they have in recent days over Taiwan. 

No one cares that Joe Biden brought together NATO. That’s not an accomplishment given this situation. Our economy is also wrecked, thanks to the Biden agenda—and the reason why China can and will continue to escalate and flex their muscles is because they see a weak and sickly president who won’t do much to stop them. If there’s anything more apparent than Joe Biden’s dementia, it’s that the man cannot fill the shoes of this office. He still has the mindset of a senator when it comes to the presidency with regard to not working hard, delegating others to do the hard stuff, and creating lord knows how many task forces have solved nothing in the past 18 months. That all speaks to the incompetence that has oozed through the walls of 1600 for the American public to see. 


In a time when we need clarity as we enter a proxy war in Ukraine with no end, a failing economy, and an increasingly tense situation with Beijing, KJP is the one person whom we all know can’t be the voice of the Biden presidency, compounded by the fact that Biden himself cannot be trusted since what he says is also pure nonsense. Kamala Harris? Do I need to roll back her public appearances? 

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