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AP Photo/Ted Jackson

It’s a bit of an old story but remember all the kids who contracted serious liver issues once the lockdowns began to ease and the vaccines rolled out? Well, it happened. Some kids needed to have liver transplants. Was this a side effect of the COVID vaccine? That theory floated around for a while but was something much worse. It was the lockdowns themselves. It’s part of the endless stream of nonsensical COVID precautions that arguably did more harm to these kids than the actual virus. In the United States, an estimated 60 percent of adults and three-fourths of kids have recovered from the disease. It wasn’t some superbug. Keeping kids away from viruses they would have contracted at school, like the common cold, and acquiring natural immunity could have prevented this spate of liver issues (via BBC):


Investigations suggest two common viruses made a comeback after pandemic lockdowns ended - and triggered the rare but very serious hepatitis cases.

More than 1,000 children - many under the age of five - in 35 countries are thought to have been affected.

Some, including 12 in the UK, have needed a lifesaving liver transplant.

The two teams of researchers, from London and Glasgow, say infants exposed later than normal - because of Covid restrictions - missed out on some early immunity to:

  • adenovirus, which normally causes colds and stomach upsets
  • adeno-associated virus two, which normally causes no illness and requires a coinfecting "helper" virus - such as adenovirus - to replicate

That could explain why some developed the unusual and worrying liver complications.

We all know the reasons why we closed schools. The teachers’ unions wanted to get a head start on vacation. They still wanted to remain at home post-vaccine rollout. And to make matters worse, they declared war on parents, calling them selfish when everyone and their mother started to grow impatient as they dragged their feet reopening classrooms. We have an education crisis as well. It was already glaring, but it’s become as worst as you can get and then multiplied by twenty, thanks to the pandemic. It’s a gap that we might not be able to bridge—ever. Yet, that’s a peripheral issue for some families now. They need to make sure their kids’ livers work. 


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