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Biden's Press Secretary Sets Up White House to Eat It on Upcoming Recession News

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

She’s abysmal. And they can’t get rid of her. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will be one of the people cited when the Biden administration’s little recession wordplay gets blown up. We all know it’s coming. On Thursday, the GDP report will devastate the Biden White House. Build Back Better has been gutted, shot, and set on fire. The recession news will be the coup de grace regarding the talking points behind Biden’s economy-building prowess. It’ll expose the myth behind it. We’ve all known that for years, but now no one can deflect without looking like they’ve taken hits from Hunter Biden’s crack pipe. The narrative that Biden is the generator of the best economy is about to get run over with a tank a la Tiananmen Square.


Ms. Jean-Pierre just made it easier for the press to embarrass the administration. She said yesterday that there’s no evidence we’re in a recession or a pre-recession. Yes, there is, Ms. Pierre. There’s this thing called economic growth, and when there are two consecutive quarters of it—it’s an economic recession. That’s a fact. You’re not going to pull what Webster’s dictionary did with the word “woman” and change the meaning to fit the political moment.

We’ve seen today the messaging blitzkrieg from the Biden team, who trotted out there actually to say the definition of a recession isn’t accurate. It’s comical, with a pinch of sadness. These people have to find new lines of work after Biden is no longer president. They’re liberals. They’ll be fine, but they’ll have professional liars and fantasy peddlers on their resumes. They’re just so desperate to manufacture a vision of a nation well-run by a dementia-ridden president. It doesn’t exist.


Now, it’s not all KJP’s fault. Joe Biden also seemed resigned that Thursday’s report won’t be good. So, these two worked hand-in-hand to destroy the already shoddy messaging strategy this White House set up for this week’s economic news.


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