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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

I almost didn't believe this story. No one can be this dense. And then I saw who said the mind-numbingly stupid remark about Joe Biden's dismal poll numbers being due to the summer heat. Yes, a Democrat said this, which shows that the party knows they're in for a shellacking in November, and the talking points aimed at deflection have been exhausted. There is no good news. The news about gas prices dropping isn't because of a booming economy or Biden's economic policies. It's because we're in a recession, something this White House will wait until that last second to reveal. I don't know why; we all know the truth. American workers are feeling the pinch daily, and the delays in breaking this news make this overtly political move look more shameless. There's no need to whitewash this, Biden team. Everyone knows your boss sucks. Even fellow Democrats know he's awful, which is why they're drumming up the 'please don't run in 2024' narrative right now. It's not due to the summer heat. The man is incompetent in all areas. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) was the Democrat who uttered these words (via Fox News):


President Biden continued to be defiant in the face of flagging poll numbers while a top Texas Democrat declared the president is encountering a rough patch with the American people because they are frustrated with the weather.

"Oil prices; gasoline costs at the pump [are] going down. All that we have committed to doing we are doing," House Judiciary Committee member Sheila Jackson Lee said. "So I really look at those numbers, yes, as dissatisfaction -- as the frustration of the summer; the heat."

Fox News host Jesse Watters pointed out that it tends to get very hot in the Lone Star State every summer, therefore questioning if there is an emerging pattern the American people should expect in Biden's polling.

"I'm not a meteorologist, but correct me if I'm wrong," Watters said ... on "The Five." "So, they hate the Democrat president in the summers and then they start liking him again in the winter -- and then they start hating him again in the summer? This is a trend I think we should really follow," he said of Jackson Lee's comments.

He's old, and it shows. He's dealing with multiple domestic crises and seems to have a snail's urgency. Blaming Russia isn't working. It's not even a serious talking point. Some issues are understandably complex and will take time to address. They're ongoing chores, but it seems as if no one cares at 1600. No one is moving to tackle the problems. It's either braindead talking points from the White House or a pre-packaged speech from Biden, who then shuffles off stage once done. That’s not leadership. Two years into his administration, Joe Biden hasn’t shed the “senator” title in his new job. That’s why the polling numbers are trash. Joe Biden heads a party that doesn’t want him to be the leader. They’re focused on issues that aren’t popular with average voters.


The Biden problem isn’t weather-related, Ms. Jackson Lee. The president cannot do the job, which is evident among most voters now. The baby formula fiasco is probably the most glaring since mothers can’t feed their kids. That deserves a rapid response, but it remains unresolved so far.

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