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A Woke Employee Decided to Stop Working Over Dobbs Decision and the Consequences Were Dire

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

This is just common sense, folks. If you stop working, don't be shocked if you get fired. It's not that hard. A seven-year-old can comprehend the consequences here. If you just stop doing your job, you're gone. There are cartoons where the main characters do this and get terminated. Getting fired over a Supreme Court decision is just plain stupid. Any way you cut it, it's ridiculous. It doesn't make you a martyr. You will not be welcomed into the legions of the blessed. You'll just be unemployed. 


Journalist Katie Herzog took screenshots of one such person who decided to stop work for the cause. The recent Supreme Court ruling in the Dobbs case has overturned Roe v. Wade, causing a massive meltdown in liberal America. The full name was posted, but Herzog said the traction the tweet was receiving made her conscience act up, so she deleted the original tweet, which was a hilarious three-part act. 

The man, who described himself as a "queer brown man," decided to just not work. He was in mourning. He was employed by Universal Music Enterprises and was quickly fired. All this was posted on LinkedIn, so I don't know why Herzog had a conscience attack. He wanted all of us to know what happened to him: 


Amazon workers tried to do this as well. Employees for Elon Musk's SpaceX tried to provoke a staff-led coup for different reasons—everyone got fired there too. Just do your job, folks. You cannot fight if you don't pay the rent. 

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