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'The View': Clarence Thomas Better Hope He's Not Attacked for Having a White Wife

Paula Lobo/ABC via AP

It's fitting that the co-hosts of The View absconded to the Bahamas in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade. I understand that there are a lot of things in motion when it comes to production. And yes, the Supreme Court at the last minute announced that they would drop decisions on Friday, which isn’t normal protocol. That’s why when Dobbs dropped, the pre-taped show was talking about spousal anxiety when it comes to driving instead of melting down like the rest of liberal America. So, now that these women are safe in the Bahamas—they can rant. 


It’s such a rich liberal thing to do. Flying down to a sub-tropical climate, downing margaritas, and finally whining about abortion, Roe, and how the Supreme Court has turned us into a theocracy. And of course, it took a nasty turn when Whoopi Goldberg, who was suspended this year for botching the Holocaust, said that “they” could come after the Supreme Court justice for having a white wife:

Who is “they”? The courts? Conservatives? White people? It doesn’t really matter because it’s The View and all these women have stupid opinions about everything, even the non-political stuff. You know the drill. And of course, Whoopi dusted off the old liberal talking points about how conservatives want to take America back into the past, yet she’s focused on Thomas’ interracial marriage and liberal writers are worried that black people are starting to own a lot of guns. 


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