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Bill Maher's Take on the Supreme Court and Abortion Will Probably Shock You

Townhall Media / Julio Rosas

Bill Maher is not in the pro-life camp at all, yet he’s not ghoulishly pro-abortion either. The comedian who makes a very comfortable living being politically incorrect and mocking conservatives has suddenly found himself taking potshots at his own side. He hasn’t changed. He’s said that ad nauseum. It’s that his side has become utterly unspooled. Maher is a free speech supporter. He’s not afraid to say that radical Islam is a problem. And he is willing to have conversations with those with whom he probably vehemently disagrees. He understands something that the woke Left does not: there’s more to life than politics. He’s best friends with some ardent conservatives, people who the Left would love to burn at the stake. 


As we brace for the Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs case, we know how the Court will likely rule. A leaked draft of the opinion has sent the nation into absolute mayhem. Pro-abortion activists have shown up at the homes of Supreme Court justices. It’s insane. And yes, Maher thinks this is a dumb idea. 

The liberal HBO host has a nuanced take on this whole issue. Yes, you’ll probably disagree with it, but it’s not insane. Maher notes how the current makeup of the abortion laws in the country post-Dobbs will resemble something we have seen since free and slave states prior to the American Civil War. That’s a bit extreme, but he also added that no one should be pro-abortion. It shouldn’t be something coveted, noting how the Left has embraced it noting how the lexicon has changed regarding how the Left talks about abortion rights (via The Hill):

“Real Time” host Bill Maher said Friday on a Fox News panel that protesting outside of the homes of Supreme Court justices is “wrong” and “against the law.”

Maher criticized the claim of White House press secretary Jen Psaki that “I don’t have an official U.S. government position on where people protest,” arguing “But we do!”

Maher added: “It’s wrong! It’s intimidation! It’s against the law!”

“Would you want this outside your house?” Maher asked his fellow panelists.


Maher compared divisions over the legality of abortion in different states to divisions during the Civil War, saying that the U.S. would be “two countries, one where you’re a free woman and one where it’s a Dred Scott situation” if Roe v. Wade is overturned.


“No one should be pro-abortion!” Maher said, expressing approval instead for former President Clinton’s goal for abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.”

“That’s not where the Democrats are now,” Maher said.


Maher is going old school here, trying to resurrect the old Democratic Party position of abortion being safe, legal, and rare. He’s not alone. The late Cokie Roberts of ABC News said that the abortion talk at the 2012 Democratic National Convention had gone off the rails. Now, I don’t know if this figure is true, but Roberts added at the time that 30 percent of Democrats are pro-life; they’re going to alienate people. 

Fox News' Teny Sahakian exposed NYC Mayor Eric Adams as being one of those folks who has gone off the hinges regarding this issue.

Look, we may not agree on the policy but a liberal understanding that abortion isn’t something that should be encouraged or celebrated is a start. A liberal who knows that abortion is ending a life is a start. A liberal who wants abortion to be legal but also a rare occurrence is a start. Again, we disagree but we can have a civil conversation. That’s not what you see from the Left now; Maher is a rare breed. Our own Mia Cathell captured how the Left views abortion at a protest this past weekend. It was not pretty. It’s outright insane. 


And yes, some people also noted this--what is it with left-wingers and their inability to give the middle finger properly. 

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