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AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe

Roe v. Wade could be coming to an end. For now, it’s laid out in a draft of a Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs case. Someone at the Supreme Court leaked this opinion. It’s 5-3 right now in favor of trashing Roe, which was already a garbage legal decision. Even liberals who are hardcore abortion rights activists realized how tenuous Roe is in the face of a real legal challenge. Everyone has the Handmaid’s Tale costumes out. The circus freaks with dyed hair and blue armpits are also shouting into the sky. It’s a mental breakdown of epic proportions, and all this over baby killing. It must be nice to be privileged to skip work and shout at the sky all day. Truly. 


The liberal propaganda machine has had 50 years to churn out pure nonsense. This is it in real life. Abortion won’t be banned if Dobbs nixes it. It will return to the states which were already en route to legalizing it via the democratic process in 1973. We would have a consensus on this issue by now—SCOTUS nuked that. Ben Domenech, a co-founder of The Federalist, weighed into this messy issue and the post was quite clear about one thing: stay off Twitter. It’s the echo chamber of the most unhinged pro-baby-killing Amazons on the planet. The media is another collection of folks you can just mute. They’re preaching chaos and theocracy, as he put it. Funny since the theocracy talking point is never mentioned when these clowns are defending radical Islamic terrorists but that’s a different story. 

Domenech simply offers what will happen post-Dobbs—and it’s not apocalyptic. There will be restrictions, but no outright bans. That’s not going to happen. The hardcore pro-lifers should prepare for that, by the way. No side is going to get 100 percent of what they want. And 100 percent of both sides’ visions won’t become reality either. Domenech has tossed out great monikers to describe the Left. There’s the “white women’s Instagram brigade.” Now, we have the “Chardonnay Antifa Abortion Freakout.” In truth, this could be one of the most anti-climactic abortion resolutions—ever. Also, the reason for the Left’s freak out is that now they must work to make the case for abortion for all trimesters without exceptions, even up to the point of birth. That is a daunting public opinion crusade. And with how progressives make their case, they’re bound to fail miserably:


The truth, of course, is that these people were all lying all along. The post-Roe environment is not a theocratic hellscape, unless that’s what you believe America was until 1972. Instead, it will be a scenario where the moderate views on the abortion question are far more likely to receive a hearing. The polling on this subject over the years has been particularly skewed by the framing of questions — but it’s clear that the definition of “mostly illegal/mostly legal” is in need of adjudication, and that will happen via the state legislatures and constitutional processes all across the country.


In the real world, when people say “I’m pro-choice,” they mean they are definitely for abortion for the worst cases, and probably for some defined stretch of early pregnancy. But in Washington, D.C., the same term defines the most radical absolutist position in American politics: abortion on demand at any stage for any reason and funded by taxpayer dollars. They don’t even have the equivalent of a “shouting fire in a crowded theater” exception. No one outside of the extremist abortion left holds that position in good faith and with a settled conscience.

When the time comes, if Roe is truly eradicated, you’ll see California and New York and several other states pass defiant radical laws — if there’s even room to go more radical — and boost abortion in their states. That will be easy. And on the other side, Mississippi and Oklahoma and a few other pro-life states will do their thing just as easily.

For the vast majority of states who will seek a policy somewhere in the middle, the parameters of debate are already set. Questions include how far along abortion will be allowed, what reasons it ought to be restricted (such as sex-selection), whether it should be paired with some open handed pro-life gestures to family support or adoption, and/or some hard-fisted approaches on clinic regulation. Understand this, and you see the framework of the legislative deal-making that will follow.

Consider the fact that today, we have more trifectas — states where the Governor, Senate, and House are all possessed by the same political party — than have existed in America in thirty years. With a total of 37 trifectas across the country, this will largely be an internal party debate about how far Democrats and Republicans in the states want to push the issue. In divided governments, one perfectly legitimate way of seeing where this ends up is to offer multiple versions of the same amendment. Do you limit abortions to 24 weeks? 23? 22? 21? You keep going until you start losing too many votes.

When the pro-abortion left says this will be chaos, what they mean is people like them — out of touch cultural elites for whom this issue is far, far more important than inflation and prices at the pump — will be really, really angry.


For 49 years the left only had to defend the national Roe regime to five elite lawyers, all in their own cultural tribe. Now, for the first time, they have to defend abortion maximalism to ordinary Americans and their elected representatives. Have fun storming that castle.


Yes, indeed. Still, the Biden White House maybe has an issue to energize their base but the woke white women brigade doesn’t win you elections, especially since college-educated men have swung hard for Republicans in a mere four years. That D-plus 16 group in 2018 is now R-plus ten. Add that to the hordes of working-class voters who have flocked to the GOP—this game truly is over. In all, it’s great fundraising fodder and it’s just an exercise for this administration to protect their people from harassment by these unhinged pro-aborts. They are guided by their base, who support public policy positions that are just not popular. 

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