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AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Guy had the analysis this morning, but it seems National Public Radio is back to their usual tricks. And by that, I mean they're totally lying…again. Nina Totenberg is out with a fresh load of nonsense with her scoop about the Supreme Court leaker in the Dobbs case. The decision on that abortion case is set to overturn Roe v. Wade based on a leaked opinion that has set the political landscape ablaze. Totenberg declared Sunday that the leaker is from a conservative justice (via The Hill): 


A clerk for a conservative justice is the “leading theory” amid intense speculation about who released a draft opinion authored by Justice Samuel Alito showing the court is set to overturn Roe v. Wade, according to legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg of NPR.

Totenberg said on ABC’s “This Week” that the prevailing theory is that a conservative clerk released the decision in an attempt to lock in the five justices who voted to support overturning Roe as Chief Justice John Roberts reportedly attempts to pull his colleagues toward a more moderate position.

“That has never, ever occurred before,” Totenberg said of the leak. “That could only, in all likelihood, have come from a justice — that I think is less likely — or perhaps one of the clerks.”

“The only one that makes sense is it came from somebody who was afraid that this majority might not hold,” she added.


Oh, please. Totenberg has been known to be more of a political operative than a writer for years, going back to Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. It seems like it was just yesterday that she was the center of the fake news incident regarding the Supreme Court and masks. Do you remember that fiasco? Supposedly, Justice Neil Gorsuch refused to wear a mask during the Omicron spike. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who has diabetes, asked him to wear one, he didn't and then began working from home. Yeah, well, that was refuted by the Supreme Court, Justice Gorsuch, and Justice Sotomayor. Totenberg refused to admit she was wrong. So, she can talk—doesn't mean we have to listen. 

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