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AP Photo/ Khalil Hamra

Lady, you're a lying sack. Of all times to pull a con, this isn't it, especially in this profession. We all have supported our doctors and nurses who dealt with the original COVID strain and Delta variant. No doubt hospitals were filling up, though it was never on the verge of collapse—a liberal media scare point that was peddled some 9,000 times. Hospital system collapse never happened. There were shortages of personal protection equipment at the outset of the pandemic. Yet, our medical workers pulled through, and now the pandemic is over. 


Some on the left in the mask cult can't let it go, but this is done. By this November, when the GOP retakes control across the country, it will truly be over. Now, it doesn't negate that our medical professionals are heroes. They should have been hailed as such but were then cast aside when a significant number of them refused to get the COVID vaccine. The media trampled over them. 

Granted, my head was already spinning with this group by the summer of 2020. At the start of the lockdowns, the medical expert community said "stay inside to stop the spread" to avoid overwhelming our hospitals. That made sense. Then, the George Floyd incident caused Minneapolis and the rest of urban America to blow up. Black Lives Matter was holding protests everywhere, and it was supported by these people. Racism is also a pandemic—that was the line used to justify these mass protests. If you're protesting, the virus can't infect you. This was when "expert opinion" began to depreciate fast. 

I say all of this because some frontline COVID doctor who claimed to be overworked has just been exposed as a remote school pediatrician working nine-to-five and living a cushy lifestyle. Her Instagram turned out to be her undoing. Substack writer Sarah Beth Burwick uncovered the ruse first (via NY Post): 


 A New York City pediatrician spent the COVID-19 pandemic complaining online about her grueling 12-hour days in full PPE on the frontlines — only to be revealed as a school doctor with a plum 9-to-5 job, according to an explosive report.

Dr. Risa Hoshino had emerged as one of the preeminent physician influencers at the height of the pandemic, created a reputation for herself online as an expert in treating children with COVID-19 and long COVID symptoms, according to Substack blogger Sarah Beth Burwick.

But according to the report, Hoshino has been misrepresenting her job and exaggerating about working long hours in the hospital and saving coronavirus-stricken children.

Hoshino has a $170,000-a-year gig as a New York City public school pediatrician, with most of her work being done remotely, according to Burwick, who describes herself as a lawyer mom from Los Angeles.

While Hoshino reportedly often posed up in personal protection equipment and scrubs, complained about being overworked and disrespected by her patients, and used her public platform to promote mask-wearing and vaccinations, her Instagram page painted a very different picture.

On Hoshino’s IG account, the raven-haired physician was reportedly seen in bikini shots looking carefree on the beach – a far cry from the worn-out COVID doctor persona that she cultivated on Twitter.


Other images reportedly showed the beaming doctor having maskless drinks with friends, even as she continued beating the drum about the importance of face coverings on Twitter.


To no one's surprise, Dr. Hoshino has gone quiet on her social media activity. Accounts have either been made private or been deleted outright, according to the NY Post. She worked remotely throughout 2020 and claimed to be some COVID hero. What a sick puppy. Also, claiming to be on the frontlines while posting photos of you pounding margaritas on the beach? this game was never going to last. 

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