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What's Creepy About the Unearthed Docs Instructing Teachers on How to Target Students for Trans Clubs

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

Let’s clear the air here first. No, I’m going all Iranian here and saying we need to wipe out the transgenders and the gays. There’s no Tehran protocol here. Again, no issues with these folks until biological males try to erase women’s sports and nuke the social order that’s been in place since...forever. We’re not going to overhaul everything for the less than one percent of transgender folks in America. Sorry, not going to happen. Also, we’re not going to talk about these complex issues in schools, especially with the freak show teachers we have coming out of the bunker. No, fourth-graders don’t need to know your trans, teacher person. No, we don’t need to go into graphic detail about your sex life either, teacher. No, we’re not going beyond the educational boundaries of comprehensive sexual education. We’re not going to show kids how to give great oral sex to their partners. Demonstrations on how to put a condom on—that’s okay. I can see some folks still having issues with that, but there’s give and take here.


What we’re also not going to accept is creepy teachers targeting students 10 years of age or younger to join transgender clubs. No. 

The Washington Examiner’s Chris Tremoglie wrote about what he unearthed reading the instruction packets handed to teachers by the California Teachers Association. This is their how-to guide to turning our schools into bastions of child abuse and brainwashing. The Left will make you care. That sure fits the bill here [emphasis mine]:

The packet acts as an instructional guide on propagandizing students with gay and transgender information. One of the most disturbing parts is the recommendation for these clubs in elementary schools, where children are 10 years old or younger. Another concerning section focuses on teachers proactively recruiting students to be leaders of these clubs. It provides a section for teachers to list the names of the students they think would be interested. This particular packet was from a previous California Teachers Association LGBTQ+ Issues Conference.

The packet also asks teachers to list supporters and enemies of these clubs. One section is dedicated to listing the names of allies who “would support this project.” Another section is provided to identify any existential threats to the club and to list those who could be a “barrier to your success.”


Other perverted indoctrination activities include a recommended videos list. The packet suggests the First Person YouTube channel. It provides 52 videos on various topics such as “Drag as a Tool for Self-Advocacy,” “Queer Black Cosplay,” “Growing Up Intersex,” “Asexuality,” and “The Importance of Being Cliterate,” among many others. Additionally, other suggested videos are “Coming out GAY to my 5 year old brother” and the animated music video “Everyone is Gay.”

The clubs are supposed to be “student-led.” Yet the packet reveals that teachers are partially funding these clubs. A section asks how much of their money teachers are “willing to put into this project.” As such, it is obvious that teachers are the true leaders of these clubs, not students. Instead, teachers recruit students to be figureheads and then use them as pawns to spread this propaganda. They are using students to brainwash other students into thinking a certain way.

“I think it’s wrong what is going on. A child’s innocence is being taken away,” said a California Teachers Association member who spoke to me on the condition of anonymity. “Children are being indoctrinated. Teachers are trying to encourage different sexualities among students. It’s disturbing, and it’s violating young and innocent minds.”


This circus must stop. Tear down the big top. If this was geared to high schoolers, juniors, and seniors—that’s an entirely different matter. It’s clear the ‘get them while they’re young’ ethos is at play here. Not everyone is gender fluid, gay, trans, or whatever alphabet or symbol comes next. They’re kids. They’re making clay snakes and playing with building blocks. Leave them alone. They don’t know what this is yet. This is child abuse. Period. 


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