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AP Photo/John Bazemore

The Lia Thomas fiasco and the NCAA's utter spineless attitude toward the science of biological males competing in women's sports have made conservatives the defenders of women. Yeah, what a time to be alive. The left has become so insane over this science fiction regarding transgender athletes that it's made us the feminist voice in this debate. It sure as hell made us the only ally for these young women who are seeing their competitions get absolutely hijacked by a bunch of dudes. The "woke" left are the only people who think this circus should continue. That's a super minority. That's the social media echo chamber, which corporate America thinks represents actual society. It doesn't. It's been a whirlwind journey for the left, who, after a few years of peddling their nonsense, has finally crashed into a wall. Facts matter. 

The fact is that testosterone gives these biological man ladies an unfair advantage, especially when it comes to weightlifting competitions. Men are taking women's rightful spots on the medal stage. All the progress made by Title IX is being erased. Does anyone not see this? 

I've never considered myself a feminist as the term is used today. Do women deserve equal opportunities? Of course. They deserve it all. Like the women of ancient Sparta, who could own land and were not just allowed but expected, to compete with their male counterparts, women should be allowed to do what they want within reason. This is generally accepted in Western society. For those who abide by Sharia, well—we know things are different. 

The left's insanity over this has pushed us to become a "feminist" ally. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first black woman nominated to the Supreme Court. She's going to be confirmed. It will be a historic moment, but due to the transgender nonsense—it's been watered down to irrelevancy in liberal circles. Jackson's answer of "I'm not a biologist" when it comes to defining "woman" is the tell sign. 

This isn't hard. You don't need to be an expert to know what constitutes a man and a woman. The left can't answer it because it would put them at odds with a community that is less than one percent of the population. It's insane. Jackson can't be recognized as the first black female Supreme Court jurist because the progressive left's willy-nilly ethos of unprincipled and "feelings-only" viewpoints has led them down this road. 

J. K. Rowling is a hard-core lefty, but her views that "women are women" have led her to being canceled. Luckily, she's too rich to be canceled—but liberal America's favorite author who served as their resistance reference guide in the Trump era has become problematic. It's beyond idiotic. 

Even a compromise is not possible. Having mixed-gender sports competitions won't be enough to satisfy this crowd because they need to shove it in our faces that they're women—when science says otherwise. 

We didn't change. The pendulum from the lefty psychos just landed us here in the somewhat feminist camp because now defining "woman" has become a litmus test. The woke crew failed it miserably. Conservatives, moderates, and non-political normal folks know exactly how to answer this question. Older feminists are now pushing back against this idea that biological men can just take up all their spaces. 

It's indicative of this whole movement, which is governed by feelings and nonstop rage when others don't adopt their extreme, gross, and anti-science worldview. 

In 2022, conservatives are the new feminists. I guess we should always be prepared to be shocked over what comes next because these clowns can and will force us to take positions we'd never thought we would ever take. 

Here's to women. May they triumph over the woke left's push to erase them forever. 


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