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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Was she drunk? It’s a legitimate question. Is she also suffering from dementia? Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was in Austin, Texas visiting the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and made some gushing remarks about Joe Biden that are beyond laughable, but also not unsurprising. She called him a great president. He’s just so perfect. Why? Well, he’s inclusive in his approach to justice. He’s progressive and worried about the needs of the people, like reducing health care costs, lowering the cost of childcare, and universal pre-K. He’s inclusive and makes every decision about serving the interests of justice. 


You simply cannot make this up. She’s one of the faces of the party. She needs to back her guy, but this most diverse, inclusive, and justice-minded administration has gotten us into more crises than ever before. We left Afghanistan in a humiliating fashion that stranded American citizens. They're still there. We’re not trusted abroad; nations ignore Joe’s calls. We have an inflation crisis. We have a gas price crisis. We have a border crisis. We have a supply chain crisis. And now, we’re dealing with a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Jobs growth is anemic. We’re heading for a full-blown recession in the coming months. Biden’s brand is crisis mismanagement. Biden’s brand is incompetence. Biden’s brand is dementia-laced decisions that don’t do anything. The man can’t solve problems. It’s so astonishingly bad, yet she calls him “perfect.”


He's a perfect storm, a disaster movie. Giving a speech doesn’t solve the problem, Joe. Neither does making someone a point person or creating a committee that also ends up not solving the problem. 

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