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So, That's the ONLY Worry an MSNBC Host Has Regarding Biden's Supreme Court Nominee

AP Photo by/NBC, William B. Plowman

I keep chuckling over this notion that the liberal media doesn’t take sides. It’s nothing new, but these folks keep repeating it. They claim that there either is no liberal media bias, which is quite a detachment from reality or that they don’t take sides. There are outright examples of this, along with a cumulative effect when you analyze all the coverage. Luckily, we have one organization that does just that at the Media Research Center. They record every show in daytime and primetime on all the networks. The Newsbusters team will find these Democratic operatives masquerading as ‘reporters’ and expose their hijinks. Right now, we have a Supreme Court battle upon us, and MSNBC’s Chuck Todd is worried that the possible confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (KBJ) won’t save Joe Biden.


Yeah, it’s not about whether she’s qualified or not, or if her record showed she might be soft on pedophiles, it’s that this nomination won’t give Joe Braindead a poll bump. Todd mentioned this on Meet the Press Sunday (via Newsbusters):

After a discussion with his panel on Sunday's Meet the Press, Todd turned the conversation away from Ukraine and towards the upcoming confirmation hearings for Judge Jackson. Todd bemoaned the fact that because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Jackson's confirmation "feels like it's going to be an afterthought".  

Turning to PBS News Hour's chief correspondent Amna Nawaz, Todd asked if it matters that the hearings won't get as much attention and -- more importantly to Todd -- will it "hurt President Biden politically because he doesn't get sort of a little bit of an afterglow?"


Chief Washington correspondent and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell butted in remarking how she thinks the "Republican votes may have changed because now they feel they have to be in lockstep against her" before gushing about what a "historic moment" this is, presumably referring to the fact that Jackson is the first black woman to be nominated to the court.


Yeah, on top of the liberals worrying that Biden is dead in the water with voters, we must deal with the Left’s tantrum that KBJ is the most qualified judge ever nominated for the Supreme Court. You cannot attack her. That’s racist or something. It’s the same old playbook, and it’s not effective. We can and will attack her. 

Also, c’mon guys. Biden has a gas price crisis, an inflation crisis, a border crisis, another round of COVID, Ukraine, and we’re still dealing with a supply chain issue. One confirmation doesn’t erase any of that. If he knew how to handle and solve problems, maybe—but he’s too slow, stupid, and braindead to know what the hell is going on. He probably thinks he’s off to the Soviet Union this week. 


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