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After Stumbling Over Ukraine, Kamala Harris Looks to Wreck Democrats' 2022 Hopes Even More

AP Photo/Alexandru Dobre

When your bench is depleted, you must work with what you gave. I get that. It doesn’t shy away from the fact that what you have may still be a pile of hot garbage. That’s what the Biden crew and the Democratic Party have going into 2022. Joe Biden has abysmal approval ratings that have dipped even lower since the Ukraine war, rising gas prices, and this administration’s appalling grasp of reality when it comes to inflation. Next up is Kamala Harris who has even worse metrics. She’s beyond unlikable—and her odd laughing fits just create a situation that is indescribably awkward. It’s just bad. Her unqualifiedness for this office is written all over her forehead. After that, it’s the face of the Democrats on the Hill, one of which is Nancy Pelosi who has been toxic for years. To summarize it all, everyone in the Democratic Party sucks. There are a ton of bad Republicans sure—but everyone in this party is trash. 


So, with Biden probably incapable of keeping up with things on the trail, they’re going to trot out Kamala to help Democrats for the midterm cycle. Are you kidding me? In the words of Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that. Sister Toldjah at RedState had the story first, but first some back story (via The Hill):

Vice President Harris will be hitting the road more frequently in the coming weeks and months, sources familiar with the plans tell The Hill.   

With COVID-19 cases declining across the nation, Harris will be spending more time crisscrossing the country and touting the successes of the administration, the sources say.  

On the trips, the vice president will be discussing issues including infrastructure, expanded broadband access and key executive orders signed by President Biden.

Harris will travel to Louisiana on Friday, and there will likely be another domestic trip next week, according to sources familiar with the vice president’s schedule.  

You’re up, Sister:

One Democrat strategist told The Hill that Harris would be “deployed” to “communities and geographies where the vice president is maybe even more resonant and popular than any other member of the administration,” which is code for black communities, where Joe Biden has struggled to maintain support over the last 14 months.

It’s hard to see where even this calculated strategy would work, as black Democrat voters (and female Democrat voters) rejected Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign in 2019, with her support cratering among those key voting blocs during that summer after her racially-tinged attacks on Biden came across as disingenuous and politically opportunistic. And even now, she’s a drag on Biden, with her ratings in similar territory to his.


I dunno, maybe this shores up a couple of percentage points among the Democratic faithful but I don’t see it as an overall effective tactic to get voters energized and enthused about voting for Democrats in the fall elections. Joe Biden has proven himself to be seriously lackluster in that department, and Harris – with her repeated policy failures and painful gaffes and cackling over the last year – is not an effective messenger herself.


Look, they must do something. President Oatmeal for Brains can’t do it, so I guess Harris is the next best option, but one who’s also as radioactive as Chernobyl. Standing next to Biden could kill your political career in months, whereas Harris might accelerate that big league. It's six to five and pick’ em, right? 

Maybe keeping her stateside is best since awkward moments will only bring embarrassment and media scrutiny. These moments abroad, with the Ukraine war raging, could lead to missiles flying. 

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