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AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

Here we go again. One man wore a mask that a flight crew found disagreeable, and they had a conniption fit. Okay, maybe not a fit, but it wasn't a pleasant travel day for one traveler all because he expressed his First Amendment rights. 


Libs of Tik Tok found yet another clip of a passenger being harassed for wearing a "Let's Go Brandon" mask. He seems to have been ejected from the flight. He was doing what every other person would do when confronted by a "Karen." He recorded the confrontation. Unfortunately, this "Karen" had the power to prevent him from flying. This was on Allegiant Air. 

In January, a man with a "Let's Go Brandon/FJB" mask was asked to wear another mask on top of it because it was offensive. He wasn't ejected from the flight, however. People also noticed that he wore a "Let's go Brandon" hoodie but was not asked to turn that inside out. These flight attendants peddle fake rules around. Even the person sitting next to him didn't think the rule that was cited was real.


For the Allegiant Air incident, the man was told his mask was an "FAA violation." That's absolute garbage. 

They went full-fascist on the guy for no reason. It also seemed like no one on the flight even cared. No one really cares about this regulation except for the "Karens" and the mentally ill. 

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