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Did You Catch What Was Laughable About MSNBC's Segment About Canada's Freedom Convoy?

Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

The truckers are in Ottawa. They’re honking for freedom. They’re Canadian, but they’re fighting for all of us, for common sense too. This freedom convoy is protesting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandate. These truckers, who are by themselves in their vehicles, need to be jabbed or face the unemployment line. It’s for a virus with a 99-plus percent survival rate. As we’ve noted before, we have therapeutics. We have vaccines. Omicron cases have dropped. End the mask mandates while we’re at it as well. These freedom fighters have triggered the Left, and they can’t fight back. 


Unlike the progressive hooligans who ran rabid in the summer of 2020, these protesters are only honking their horns. They’re not setting buildings on fire. They’re not occupying whole sections of the city and seceding from Canada proper. In Seattle, the CHAZ was established by armed leftists. They’re not doing anything. It’s peaceful. Yet, MSNBC went into how this protest was an insurrection because they had fire pits to keep them warm, plinko, pizza ovens, and hot tubs. Newsbusters clipped this comedy segment:

Yes, that’s an arsenal that comes to mind when you think of a right-wing takeover, right? Price is Right-style games and pizza ovens—someone send in the military. 

Luckily, that won’t happen since the Canadian Armed Forces gave a very clear ‘hell no’ to the mayor of Ottawa’s suggestion that the army would be deployed to clear out these people. this isn’t an occupation. It’s a protest. Maybe hear these people out which is part of your job description. Instead, PM Trudeau fled to an undisclosed location, supposedly got COVID, and refuses to talk to these people. Why? Maybe because he knows this mandate is garbage public policy. 


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