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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is “imminent,” and Joe Biden is here having his usual mind melts. Also, why are we still wasting time with Build Back Better? The plan is dead Joe. Dead. It’s not coming back unless major concessions are made to get Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) onboard. And even if that does happen, the progressive Left would revolt—again. The far-left wing is already mad at Joe for screwing up this legislation, specifically Biden’s promise to deliver Manchin. That promise also snockered moderate Democrats who thought the president could nab Manchin. That didn’t happen.


Isn’t Joe concerned about Ukraine? For a man who said America is back, and that relations with our allies would return to normal—he has a funny way of showing it. He met with private sector CEOs to talk about this dead bill.

Here is the moment to savor from the event: “When I went to Dearborn, driving that, eh, you know, uh, was up there, uh...I don't know, man."

Yeah, I feel safe right now. My eyes cannot roll any harder. Meanwhile, our European allies are doing the exact opposite of what we’re doing and for good measure. Joe Biden screwed them over when we had our chaotic exit from Afghanistan. The European Union is not scrambling to evacuate their people from the country as of now. That might change but the quiet from our allies is noticeable.


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