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This Cannot Be Real? Woman Has a Total Breakdown After She Sees the Results of her COVID Test

AP Photo/Brittainy Newman

Is this real? Is it acting? This cannot be real. I simply refuse to believe that it’s real. God—I hope this is not real because we simply should just fold up shop as a country if this is indeed genuine. Libs of Tik Tok is a Twitter account you should all follow. Even if you’re anti-social media and don’t want to partake—this account could change your mind. It tracks all the insanity from the Left on these platforms, and this video of a woman taking a COVID test is a doozy. 


The video, which is less than a minute, shows some woman taking a COVID test after having a fever. It’s positive, and she just cannot deal with it. She has a total breakdown. I mean, it’s outrageous. 

“Mom, I have fallen,” she says with tears pouring. 

“The coolest characteristic about myself is that I haven’t gotten it,” she added.

Really? That’s where I wonder if this is just a parody. You can hear her mother pretty much telling her to get a hold of herself. Indeed. Grow a pair, girl. 

Also, newsflash, everyone is going to get COVID. Everyone. Maybe not now, or even in a few years, but in the fullness of time—everyone is going to get this virus. It’s endemic. It’s here. Deal with it. There is no shame. If this is a real video and this freak out is authentic, well—clap it up, liberals. You made this happen. Do we all react like this when we get a cold or flu? No. 


The girl’s name is Megan—and she needs to get a grip. 

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