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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Today is going to be nauseating. It's going to be grounded in all the hysterics of the January 6 riot that occurred last year. CNN and MSNBC are totally juiced to spew some of the most unhinged takes about this day. The guests they have slated will probably act as if "journalists" stormed the beaches of Normandy. They're not war heroes. They're not veterans. They're wimpy drones of the political class who just need to get over it. It was a riot. That's the end. Everyone else has moved on with their lives because, unlike liberal America, we're not obsessed with Donald Trump or the 2016 election. We're also going to be subjected to some classic historical illiteracy as well. Vice President Kamala Harris kicked it off by comparing 1/6 to Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attacks.



It's not. You don't even need to do an analysis of these remarks. They're facially untrue. This was never a national security threat or issue. Again, it was a riot. It shouldn't have happened, but this wasn't as bad as what happened on 9/11 or December 7, 1941. To say so marginalizes actual attacks on the country and spits in the faces of the families of the victims since Democrats have decided to use this little riot in their ongoing crusade to convict Trump of…anything. 

That's the real end game here. No one cares about 1/6, which is why CNN and the rest of the liberal media must constantly inject adrenaline into the heart of this narrative that has long been declared a corpse by everyone else. The echo chamber does its job, but we have moved on, guys. Democrats probably thought everyone else was as traumatized as their precious snowflake souls about this day. Wrong. We have other more important things to deal with in our lives. And the lack of urgency and care kills any chance regarding this circus of a select committee finding anything to convict the former president on concerning the riot. In fact, that ship has sailed. The FBI's own report all but exonerated Trump of inciting a riot/insurrection—and that was months ago. 


Democrats want to purge Trump and Trumpism from the landscape of American politics. They can't. It won't happen. They fear it. And maybe that's what we should take from this after we all laugh and roll our eyes at these idiots making insane comparisons concerning 1/6. The left is afraid of Trump and his base, which explains all these Hail Mary attempts at trying to bar him from running again. If he does, yeah—I'd bet big on him beating Biden or whatever Democrat runs in 2024. 

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