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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

I had to watch the clip a few times...because it’s just so appallingly bad. This is the woman who could be in control of our nuclear arsenal—and she served up word salad about how to fight rising inflation. Kamala Harris has earned every bit of her approval rating slump and all the criticism that came with it, specifically how she simply doesn’t work. She thinks coasting is how she’ll become president. You know that’s what she’s eyeing through all of this. All she has offered to the public is total incompetence at all levels. She’s QB1 on the border situation and COVID vaccination advocacy. She’s failed miserably on both fronts. Now, we have CBS News’ Margaret Brennan asking a pre-screened question about inflation this week. What are they going to do about it and was it an error to say this was a transitory price spike? Harris couldn’t answer the question (via Fox News):


"Was it wrong to consider inflation transitory? These price spikes seem like they’re going to be with us for a while," Brennan asked.

The question referred to a previous statement pushed by White House press secretary Jen Psaki that insisted inflation was only "transitory" and should go down within the next year.

Since then economists have admitted inflation has only gotten worse as the year ends with many predicting the increased spending proposals from President Biden could make the problem worse. 

Harris did not provide a clear answer to the question of combating inflation.


"We have to address the fact that we have got to deal with the fact that folks are paying for gas, paying for groceries, and are -- need solutions to it. So let's talk about that," Harris said. "Short-term solution includes what we need to do around the supply chain, right? So, we went to the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Savannah, Georgia, and said, 'Hey, guys, no more five days a week, eight hours a day; 24/7, let's move the products because people need their product – they need what they need.' We're dealing with it in terms of the long term. And that's about what we need to do to pass Build Back Better. It strengthens our economy."


This was a softball question. She knew it was coming. Every member of this administration that gets in front of a camera should be prepared to answer a question about inflation. Instead, we got what sounded like Miss South Carolina Teen USA’s miserable answer about Americans and geography:

All the criticism of Harris has been corroborated by multiple news reports, even CNN did a lengthy story about how her office is an absolute catastrophe. It’s a snake pit. It’s toxic. She berates her staff and doesn’t read the briefs they prepare for her. Well, here’s your examples, folks—which others have noted as well. We have two mental defectives as president and vice president. The only thing she remembered was to plug Build Back Better but the ramp-up was just painful. It’s painful to watch her. 

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