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AP Photo/Ben Gray

She knows how to get attention. That’s for sure. She knows how to work the media and she certainly knows how to trigger the Left. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) adds to the zest of politics in DC. It may not be to your liking, but she’s off the reservation and there are times where we need people like that. She was booted from her committee assignments over her outspoken views. I hope Democrats are paying attention to the precedent they have set because when the GOP retakes Congress in 2022, a ton of Democrats could be tossed over the ‘we don’t like you’ doctrine set forth by them. So, what did Greene do now? Well, she rehashed something that’s been talked about before…the national divorce between blue states and red states (via NY Post):


Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene renewed calls for a “national divorce” between red and blue states, arguing that Americans who move to conservative states from California and New York should have a “cooling off” period before being allowed to vote.

The outspoken GOP congresswoman tweeted her comment Wednesday in response to a thread from a man who said he was moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Miami, and was wary of Florida politics.

Greene, 47, agreed with a Twitter user who supported “discriminating against transplants” by imposing a “sin” tax on them and banning them from the polls “for a period.”

“All possible in a National Divorce scenario,” Greene wrote. “After Democrat voters and big donors ruin a state like California, you would think it wise to stop them from doing it to another great state like Florida. Brainwashed people that move from CA and NY really need a cooling off period.”

In October, Greene conducted a Twitter survey to gauge people’s interest in a “national divorce” between Republican- and Democratic-leaning states. The unscientific poll found 48 percent of people wanted the US to stay together, while 43 percent called for a political division and 9 percent were undecided.

Can we stop acting like this is a new debate? We all know that things are hyper-partisan nowadays. This is bound to come up and it has bubbled up. That poll is a very sharp reminder that conservatives and liberals have had it with one another after 2020 and especially during this pandemic. Will cooler heads prevail? Most likely, but can we please stop acting like this was a call for civil war. It wasn’t. You can easily see how Democrats would try and say this is an offshoot of the (nonexistent) insurrectionist vein that is coursing through GOP politics. They’re obsessed with 1/6 and Trump. They have tried to say the chant ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ is a war cry for such behavior. And these people wonder why we talk about things like a ‘national divorce.’ 


There are bigger problems. Democrats need to calm down. 

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