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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

He said it. I can’t believe he said it. I cannot cite how many instances where it was apparent that Joe Biden had oatmeal for brains. We’ve been saying this for months. He’s too old, slow, and stupid to be president. Today, that was on full display. Katie will have the media meltdown for tomorrow because it did set them off as Santa’s sleigh is about to take off. They have no idea how to deal with the ‘let’s go Brandon’ movement. It’s everywhere. It’s innocuous, but the meaning is as biting as ever—and they can’t do anything about it. 


While doing the usual NORAD Santa tracker, one caller wished the First Couple a Merry Christmas, and let’s go, Brandon.

How did Biden respond?

“Let’s go, Brandon, I agree.”

Again, the media reactions were priceless, but that will be for Christmas Day. In the meantime, let’s rehash the “let’s go Brandon” phenomenon. Back in October, NBC reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown who had won at Talladega. This was around the time when sports stadiums were awash in “f**k Joe Biden” chants. They were heard at this event as well—and they were quite loud. If Stavast had just ended the interview and not even commented on the background chants, maybe this wouldn’t be such a thing. Instead, she tried to cover for the president trying to gaslight us all by saying the crowd was cheering on Brandon. That wasn’t the case. No one bought it. And alas, the liberal media, in trying to protect Joe, made the anti-Biden chant family-friendly. 


With inflation spiking, a global supply chain crisis that’s yet to be resolved, shoddy jobs reports, an aggressive China, an unruly Russia, and the southern border descending into anarchy, no wonder why everyone is fed up with this guy. He seems confused. There’s no competence. No direction. And it’s clear that his staff does all the work. 

COVID has not been shut down as he promised. And his Build Back Better agenda has been torched as well. So, yes—'let's go Brandon’ and Merry Christmas. 

Biden agreeing that he should go screw himself is probably the greatest Christmas gift of all time.

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