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ESPN Actually Did a Special on NASCAR's Jussie Smollett

AP Photo/John Bazemore

ESPN cannot be serious with this special, can they? Did they ignore the FBI report on this matter? Yes, the FBI devoted an insane number of resources to this fake news story that rocked NASCAR who quickly caved to avoid being engulfed by the ‘woke’ mob. They put out a statement faster than you can say ‘Talladega,’ and it was over nothing. Literally nothing. Bubba Wallace claimed a noose was left hanging at his garage spot. Liberal America bought this hook, line, and sinker—and it was all fake. There was no noose. It was a garage tie that was left there from the previous year. It’s all been documented. Why is ESPN doubling down on something that never happened? It never happened


The delicious part about this is that the special aired days after the Jussie Smollett verdict was handed down finally exposing the actor for orchestrating a hate crime hoax in Chicago. This is no different. There are two race-based incidents that never happened. You all know the answer regarding why they’re recycling this garbage. It’s about the narrative. Facts don’t matter. The apples are the bananas when it comes to these stories that almost always are exposed as hoaxes. Remember the poop swastika at Mizzou? Never happened. There was also another 2020 ‘noose’ story that rocked Oakland, California. It was exercise equipment.  


The Left sure knows how to execute a good hate crime hoax. And the white liberals who dominate the media landscape always, ALWAYS fall for it. 

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