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Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP

They're not taking it well. For all their talk about the rule of law and abiding by the courts, the left sure hates it when they lose. You all know this, but the Kyle Rittenhouse case is a fresh reminder that the left cares more about the narrative and their feelings than the facts. If you knew the details of the case and followed the trial, the verdict was not shocking. The prosecution's case was shoddy. Their star witness admitted that Rittenhouse fired his weapon in self-defense. Only people who never heard of Kyle until last week are outraged. 


Rittenhouse shot and killed Anthony Huber, a wife-beater and rapist, and Joe Rosenbaum, a pedophile, in self-defense during the Kenosha riots last August. His long national ordeal is over. He's a free man. Yet, the tantrum from the left about this makes no sense. The riots were sparked by the officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man. Blake is still alive, though everyone on the left thought he was dead. This was the first sign that liberal America has no clue what's going on. Second, they all seem to think that Rosenbaum and Huber were black guys. They were whiter than Wonder Bread, which is why the "all-white" jury swipe is equally moronic. Yes, white supremacy is at play here over a case where a white guy shot and killed two other white guys in self-defense. 

Nevertheless, you can always expect MSNBC to find some former Obama official to make an insane claim, like equating Rittenhouse to a bank robber who shot himself out of a prison sentence (via Newsbusters):

Joyce Vance, an MSNBC legal analyst, and former Obama appointee as a US Attorney, was palpably peeved by the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. Commenting on it on MTP Daily … Vance offered an absurd analogy. 

She said:

"This strikes me as an odd situation for self-defense. It's something akin to saying that if you go in a bank and rob it and people are trying to apprehend you, you can shoot your way out and claim self-defense. That's a little bit what Kyle Rittenhouse did. He created this problem, and then proceeded to threaten people to get out. Typically you can't claim self-defense in a situation where you've provoked the incident."


Danny Cevallos, another MSNBC legal analyst pointed out, provocation was such an afterthought that the prosecution mentioned provocation "exactly 0.0 times" in their opening statement.

Cevallos said that it wasn't a case of a poor prosecution. The problem for the prosecution was that it had "poor facts."


Well, kudos to Cevallos for being rational about the verdict and—shocker—dropping some facts about the case. Still, the cumulative effect from the MSNBC-verse is abject insanity. Cevallos might see his media time cut after this. We shall see. 

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