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'Stephanie Antoinette': MSNBC Host's Brain Dead Take on the Rising Inflation Crisis

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MSNBC is on a roll, and apologies if I'm a little behind. I try not to watch that network for fear of becoming mentally challenged. It's like if Rick had used the microscope*—just stay away from it. At the same time, you know the liberal media is getting nervous when they're lashing out at us for the inflation spike. Yes, how dare we shop at the grocery store and be aghast at how much the bill has risen under President Dementia. We had host Joy Reid blaming us for not appreciating Joe Biden. He gave us shots and checks, guys! Biden's approval should be 90-plus percent! My eyes cannot roll hard enough. Oh, and let's not forget that Donald Trump doled out relief checks first, which is why Democrats blocked any future relief packages once the summer months hit in 2020—and launched the initiative that gave us three COVID vaccines. 


Yet, Stephanie Ruhle had a better swipe against the American people. We can afford to pay more for stuff, so stop b****ing (via Fox News): 

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle argued Americans have to put the high inflation rate and rising costs of food and other every day items "in perspective" …

The consumer price index rose 6.2% year over year in October, according to the Department of Labor, the largest annual gain since November 1990. And prices rose 0.9% month over month. 

But the soaring costs, Ruhle said on NBC, were expected after the worldwide pandemic, before telling anchor Willie Geist that Americans "on average" can actually afford the higher prices.

"The dirty little secret here, Willie, while nobody likes to pay more, on average, we have the money to do so," she said. "Household savings hit a record high over the pandemic, we didn't really have anywhere to go out and spend."

So, paying more for goods is a good thing? Also, no—not everyone can pay more. Rich white liberals maybe, but the working class, white and nonwhite, are going to feel pinched. And these people vote. In fact, we're seeing nonwhite working-class voters drift into the GOP camp because the Democrats offer nothing to anybody who isn't like them. If you don't live in a city, eat kale, and end emails with your pronouns, Democrats want nothing to do with you. If these two blocs of the working class vote Republican—the election is over. It could be over for Democrats for a long time, and Hispanic voters are increasingly turned off by the unhinged antics of the progressive base. 


Here's the situation: "Inflation is spiking, and my grocery bill is out of control. What does this mean for my home mortgage payment, my heating, my plumbing, my electrical bills, etc." asks Joe voter. 

"Shut up, you can pay more," replies the liberal.

Yeah, that sure will get people to the polls energized to vote for Democrats—said no one. 

When things don't go Democrats' way, they do this—they throw a tantrum because, at heart, they're all illiberal crybabies. 


*Here's the reference:

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