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The inflation crisis is a good thing. Is this a serious column? Yes, and it’s featured on MSNBC which is not shocking in the slightest. The network must keep liberal blood pressures low. It must feed their moral superiority complex. It must be a detached from reality as possible because that’s liberal America right now. They’re extreme and unhinged. Only wealthy white liberals can afford the brunt of the mayhem ‘Bidenflation’ is set to inflict on the rest of us. So, this take is insanely predictable. Democrats just had a miserable 2021 cycle—and they need to do everything they can to blunt the red tsunami that’s about to crash into DC come 2022 (via Fox Business):


An MSNBC opinion columnist is attempting to spin the current inflation crisis as a "good thing," calling the coronavirus pandemic an "unlikely hero" in a new piece published Monday.

James Surowiecki began his column by suggesting the media has been fearmongering over the consequences of inflation Americans have been facing, calling out an "odd" CNN segment that highlighted the impact of rising milk costs for a family of nine who buys 12 gallons a week rather than a normal-sized family, writing "the segment succumbed to one of the media’s worst tendencies: taking a real issue and overhyping it beyond recognition," accusing the network of "frightening" viewers instead of "enlightening" them.


Surowiecki proclaimed that Americans ended up "$13.5 trillion richer" by the end of 2020 than at the beginning of the year, acknowledging "most of the wealth" went to the wealthy but "lower-income households benefited, too."

"What all this means is that American consumers are, relatively speaking, flush, and it’s that strong demand for goods and services that is sending prices higher. But it’s taking manufacturers and food producers time to increase supply after cutting back production during the pandemic," the MSNBC columnist wrote. "When you have high demand, and relatively low supply, prices go up. The inflation we’re seeing is not, then, some mysterious affliction that’s descended on the economy. It’s the predictable product of the economy’s rapid recovery, and its costs have been offset, to a large degree, by robust wage growth and government policies."


Lord have mercy these people are dense. The irony is they think they’re the smartest people in the room when they’re the village idiots who deserve to have stones hurled at their heads. No one believes inflation is good or the economy is booming. And Joe Biden does have a supply chain crisis on his hands that he is not willing to tackle. He feels the media didn’t do a good job explaining this crisis. What does that have to do with anything, Joe? It’s as if he’s mad that his greatest allies aren’t doing their jobs protecting him. It’s all part of the growing frustration of a man who simply cannot do the job. There’s too much to do—and Joe is too slow and stupid to do it. It’s to the point where the liberal media is peddling economic illiteracy and hoping no one notices. 


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